Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk – strategy arcade game in which player will protect the fortification from an invasion of zombies and monsters. You can hunt zombies and become a city king. After killing zombies you will receive gold coins to buy new characters and upgrade weapons.

Summary about Zombie Idle Defense

NameZombie Idle Defense
Size63 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money

Information Zombie Idle Defense

Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk

Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk

Zombie Idle Defense is idle and vs zombies game. At each level the user will have to reflect several waves of attacking enemies. Destroy the incoming monsters can be force-armed hero and a few turrets. During the battle of defenses will be to send shells and rockets at the target and the character will shoot the enemies of the available firearms. At the end of stage the gamer will be able to obtain gold coins, which will go in the piggy Bank. Earnings can then be spent on the acquisition of a new character, as well as improvement of all weapons.

Defend against the zombie army

Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk

Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk

An exciting, incredibly dynamic and terribly atmospheric strategy game with RPG elements that gives you hours of real pleasure, and also allows you to enjoy thoughtful gameplay. In Zombie Idle Defense, you will go to a post-apocalyptic world where most of the world’s population has turned into ferocious zombies. You, along with a group of survivors, will have to defend themselves against the endless waves of the enemy.

Addictive from the very first minutes

Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk

Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk

Take a defensive position, choose the appropriate weapons for your heroes and get ready to meet with the inexorable enemy. Each level will contain several waves of attacks from zombies, each subsequent wave will be a serious test of your training and strategic skills, can you withstand the onslaught of the final bosses? A large arsenal of weapons, several types of zombies, a high pace of the game, as well as exciting gameplay – all this you will find in Zombie Idle Defense!

How to play

  • Tap zombie to stop and shoot the zombie
  • Buy other weapons to support you kill the zombie
  • Update weapons to make them stronger
  • Buy more and more weapons and skill

Download Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk

Zombie Idle Defense Mod Apk - Hack Money
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