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Zombie Castaways Maps MOD basic information APK

Zombie Castaways is a completely different game from other games that have a theme from Life. Everyone’s vision of Zombies is often hideous monsters, scary and horrible. But this Android game is completely different. These are all honest, lovely and above all living corpses, longing for love.

Obviously, creating such an opposing scenario brings a new feel to the game. About this, VIZOR APPS publisher has succeeded with the curiosity of the gaming community. A colorful world of Zombies will appear before your eyes.

World Colorful Zombie Castaways Islands

Step into Zombie Castaways maps MOD APK, you will experience a colorful zombie world. It is the vast, bright and incredibly lovely world of creatures that always suffer from estrangement and fear. You can explore the vast, zombie castaways secret island in a very remote place of the World, wiki of life.

You should find the path through the bushes to better understand the secrets of the living corpses. In addition, please join these corpses to build a farm, cultivate fresh flower gardens and build many works. Soon complete the task of building the island and return to the Human World to find the true love of your life.

Zombie Castaways MOD APK

How to play

In Zombie Castaways flying island, beside your Zombie guy, there will be many other corpses to help you explore and build the island. For example, people who cut wood, break rock, fishermen, treasure hunters and cooks.

Your first task is to find mining tools on the uninhabited island, build a farm and develop the island. Building and developing the farm will help you find many sources of supply for future development. It is also the ingredient for cooking Zombium, which helps you understand more about Zombie origin.

Diverse mission system will be the place to help you gain more gold and experience to level up. Gold also helps you upgrade buildings on the island to develop the island. You can also go to many other islands to find other values. That is exactly what you have to do to find true Love.

Zombie Castaways MOD APK

In-game features

Although the script and layout are quite new, but with gameplay only developing cultivating and waiting. That may cause this android game to fall into a boring state. Therefore, the publisher has included features that help players limit this:

  • The game has many different plants. They bring special effects and make players curious to discover
  • Weapons system in the island castaways walkthrough is also diverse and brings considerable strength
  • There are many characters with different features that complement the process of playing in different ways
  • There are many treasures for players to explore. Players need to explore the islands in order to find luck to become super rich
  • The screen system is rich, many levels and challenges are also increasing. In addition, the game is popular with more than 15 different languages.

Good 3D graphics

Zombie Castaways maps has an eye-catching 3D graphics. Images are designed beautifully, poetic, help players relate to the romantic love of Zombie. The islands are also beautifully designed, dreaming under fanciful clouds. Great effect for this game.

Under the expression of the game developer, zombies are no longer horror monsters. On the contrary, they are funny, lovely. Moreover, the sound in the game is very fun. The harmonious sounds associated with the working life of hardworking zombie guy bring closeness and very lively.

Zombie Castaways MOD APK


Overall, Zombie Castaways MOD APK is a simple android game, with a new look on Zombie. The game does not create fear for the weak gamers. On the contrary, it attracts many girls who dream and like happy endings. So far, the standard version on Google Play has nearly 100 million downloads. In addition, I will introduce a Game MOD APK version (zombie castaways cheats) for you to experience with unlimited money features. Wish you have fun playing games.

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