WWE Mayhem MOD APK v1.23.251 (Unlimited Money)

Basic information about WWE Mayhem MOD APK

WWE Mayhem is now considered the largest and largest performing wrestling group in the world. The matches were fought very fiercely without following any rules. And so, it increases the attractiveness and attracts the viewers. Wrestlers can leave the ring and look for items such as tables, chairs or items to knock their opponents to their heads, their heads.

However, due to the nature of the show, matches take place in a pre-written scenario. But not so that it lacks suspense, drama. It makes viewers have to go from surprise to surprise.

WWE Mayhem is a fighting game developed and released by Reliance Big Entertainment on the mobile platform not long ago. The game takes quite a familiar theme, the American wrestling tournaments.

This game has a very diverse character system. Players can easily encounter extremely famous wrestlers in RAW and Smackdown such as John Cena, The Rock, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, Roman Reign, Triple H, and of course the legendary Undertaker…


Fighting gameplay

Unlike in reality, WWE Mayhem is a fighting game 1 vs 1 on the ring. It’s like most previous mobile games. The player’s task is to fight and win to win the WWE championship. Button control boxers still traditionally designed Touch & Sweep.

Control mechanism of the game is designed in the form of Touch & Sweep. Players only need to perform simple actions such as touch and swipe to control the character. But if you want to win and win the championship then you will need more skills. Those are simple moves by combining them to form a combo combo. You need to make the opponent can not strike.

You must also pay attention to the energy display bar at the bottom of the screen. To fill the energy bar you will have to attack opponents to recharge. When the bar is full, it will help you develop the special skills of the character to overwhelm the opponent.

In the WWE Mayhem MOD APK, you also need to know how to combine the techniques together to form a combo of attorneys that your opponent cannot keep up. Or you will have to use special defensive tactics when attacked by the enemy. Otherwise will be defeated in a heartbeat.


Unlock legendary characters in the game

After each battle, if you win, you will receive the reward you deserve. These are supportive medicines, lucky draw tickets to have the opportunity to unlock new characters.

If you’re lucky enough to unlock the character, you can own superstars in the game like AJ Styles, John Cena, The Rock, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reign, Triple H, and even Undertaker – a legend in the village. WWE too.


WWE Mayhem MOD is designed with a funny Arcade style graphic. Most of the characters in the game have simplified complex details. Leaving only the characteristics of each character alone.

But don’t worry, even so, your idols are still amazing. Each wrestler has the skills, skills associated with their names. And the task of the player is to control them, compete and take the top of WWE.



If you are a fan of WWE or fighting games, then WWE Mayhem APK is the perfect choice for you during the entertainment hours.

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