Wayward Souls Mod Apk (MOD Monney)

Wayward Souls is the latest role-playing game expected in 2020. This game is an action adventure, learning everything it knows about fighting from the Zelda series.

About Wayward Souls

Wayward Souls – RPG with a high difficulty level, but no less interesting. It is possible to choose from three characters: warrior, wizard, rogue. Each of them has unique abilities. You’ll hack and slash your way through procedurally-generated dungeons, levelling up your hero along the way, all while feasting your eyes on pleasingly-nostalgic visuals.

wayward souls mod apk

wayward souls mod apk

Also as it passes become available three character. Selecting one of the characters, the player is immediately thrown into the thick of things, where he is already starting to resist strong enough and strong opponents, capable of two strikes to overwhelm anyone. To defeat them, will have to try and reward would be a small amount of money dropped by a dead enemy. For currency you can pump the skills to more effectively confront the adversary.

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