Free Download Brick Breaker Strategy: WarPods MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Basic information WarPods MOD APK

WarPods MOD APK is the game with the most basic content, which is BREAKING THE BRICK. But this is also the story of fighting the forces in the universe to protect the Galaxy. This is the game provided by Malaysian publisher, Weyrdworks Studio.

WarPods MOD APK is actually a combination of two genres: classic (turn-based) and added role-playing elements. The images in the game are designed fun cute, cartoon style. However, this is also an attractive game with exciting battles, quite fast pace.

How to play

The main task of WarPods MOD APK is to destroy the square blocks of enemies to protect the Galaxy. Players in the role of the leader of the elite warrior team will direct their army to fight. It is a team of guards with colorful characters, from goldfish pirates to four-handed hackers ..

Each member has their own special skills and abilities. You will only be added to 3 people per match. As an intelligent commander, you will know how to choose. I believe you will soon do that.

WarPods MOD APK, despite its main content, is a block, but not just that. The matches have a very fast time, so you need to have accurate shots to destroy the entire enemy.

Still, the calculation still needs to be put on top. Those who can combine both precision in aiming and being quick in decision are great. Of course, shooting is not limited to time, so follow me, just think carefully before each decision.

If you’ve ever played through this type of game, you may have noticed that straight shooting is often not a good choice. On the contrary, notice if the first block is broken, how will the extra bullets go next. That will help you break the largest number of enemy troops possible.

Power boosters help damage enemies, but also heal any member. That will become an effective lifeline for you in tough battles. While your opponent moves around and creates new blocks after each shot, new opportunities will also be created.

Take advantage of opportunities, with sharp thinking. It is possible that with just one shot you will wipe out all enemies in a chain reaction. You also need to upgrade the technology to be able to create better damage, when the battle is more intense. To be able to upgrade, you need Gold and Diamond, which you will have after each level.



WarPods MOD APK has a new style of play, the graphics are quite stable and funny pictures are cute. You will not have to spend too much time on this game. On the contrary, it will help you feel less dull during periods of rest.

Under this article, I provide both the standard download download link as well as the Game MOD APK with unlimited money function (gold – diamond). No matter what version, I believe you won’t be disappointed with this game.

Free Download standard version
Free Download Game MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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