Total War: Three Kingdoms – Hotest game in Summer 2019

Total War: Three Kingdoms is a turn-based and real-time strategy game. The game was developed by Creative Assembly and Sega is a publisher on the PC platform. Although this is not a mobile game, I still recommend it, because it’s too hot. Total War: Three Kingdoms is currently “storming” on reputable game charts.

Basic information about Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms is the 13th part of the Total War series. Previously, Total War: Rome or Total War: Warhammer was extremely successful. Total War: Three Kingdoms has an impressive graphics background. It is rated as one of the most beautiful and authentic games in the same category. Currently, this Three Kingdoms game is only released on PC and MacOS platforms.

Total War: Three Kingdoms takes place in the Three Kingdoms period, from the Golden Scarf stage. Players will control 1 of the 11 factions in the game, destroying other factions. These factions are under the leadership of Cao Cao, Liu Bie or Sun Jian. In general, this context is very familiar, especially for Asian countries.

The game has different sections of troops and generals, in which the Generals are very important. In this article, I will deeply analyze the Generals in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

General characteristics of General

In general, Generals in games in general have unparalleled power. They can decide the success of the battle. With Total War: Three Kingdoms is no exception.

With this game, each unit will hold and control a certain number of soldiers (default is 6). In Total War: Three Kingdoms, Soldiers cannot move without a Commanding General. Unless the commander is injured.

If you win an enemy champion, you will have his entire army. Basically, the army always followed the General, it was in accordance with Confucian standards. Unless the commander-in-chief is killed, the soldiers in that army will never be completely destroyed. No matter how badly beaten it is, it will automatically recover.

In Total War: Three Kingdoms, for each different General, you will be able to buy a special type of soldier. This soldier is different and not related to the faction you choose. Special skills will affect all soldiers in battle.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Chess system in Total War: Three Kingdoms

Derived from East Asia, it is no wonder that Total War: Three Kingdoms divided Chess into 5 groups. Taking the five elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and mainly generals are still in these classes. The groups are as follows:

Sentinel group – Metal system

Sentinels are primarily about defense and support in narrow areas. The Generals of this class have a common trait that is extremely large, many survival skills and almost never defeated, unless the enemy is too much and friendly.

Typical in this class are the Generals such as Huang Zhong, Zhang Liao, Zhao Yun or Sun Jian …

Group Champions – Wood system

The system of Generals in the Champions group is the real Gods. These are generals with extremely high stats of gas, blood and damage. They are very good at close-quarter combat. Chess Champions can defeat the enemy champion as quickly as possible.

Typical in this class are the Generals like: Guan Yu, Xu Chu, Xiahou Dun …

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Strategist Group – Water system

In Total War: Three Kingdoms, the generals of the Strategist group are the only group that cannot fight directly. In essence, the Generals of this group are all Masters, strategists and strategists.

The indicators of the Strategist group are very poor (low morale, low blood, poor damage …). But in return, they can support very well for archers. They can even give soldiers new skills. In addition, Strategist also has the ability to effectively enemy debuff.

Typical in this class are the Generals such as Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi …

Vanguard group – Fire system

The Champions is the duel champion, on the contrary, Vanguard is capable of extremely effective soldier damage. These generals were strongest when they commanded the cavalry and plunged into the enemy’s rear to harass, surprise and destroy the main force of the enemy.

Typically in this class, there are Generals like: Zhang Fei, Lu Bu, Ma Teng…

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Commander Group – Earth System

In Total War: Three Kingdoms, the General Commander is always at an average level. They are not strong in any aspect but not weak. In each case, these generals are used as each other Generals.

Typically in this class are the Generals such as Liu Bei, Yuan Shao, Sun Quan, Cao Cao …

Total War: Three Kingdoms can be downloaded for free on Steam’s home page and buy a license ($ 34.99) or download on the app store ($ 49.99).

Download and buy License on Steam
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