Tomb of the Mask: Color

Tomb of the Mask: Color is a brand new version of the classic swipe-frantic arcade game. It plays very similarly, with you swiping to help navigate a character around treacherous levels, except this time you have to try and fill them with paint. You achieve that by touching every single portion of the level.

Information About Tomb of the Mask: Color

Tomb of the Mask: Color – arcade puzzle game in the style of classic games of the 90s. the Player will be in the role of a mystical shaman who went into the underground catacombs to fight against the dark forces. Swipe the user will send the character in a way that fills the entire area of the stage in the appropriate color. With the passage of the protagonist also needs to pass the dangerous traps and roaming the stage opponents. Simple gameplay, coupled with the retro visuals will resonate in the soul of any gamer.

Tomb of the Mask Color

Tomb of the Mask: Color

How it Works

If you’ve played Tomb of the Mask before, you should be pretty familiar with the latest version. You swipe in any direction to fire your character throughout various levels, collecting coins along the way. There are obstacles to avoid and various different mechanics that will either help or hinder you.

The overall goal is slightly different this time around though. Much like in Splatoon, you have to coat the entire level in your colours, and you do so by touching every section of the level. This can be challenging, given the number of obstacles, but also because it’s not always clear how you can get to a certain portion of a level.

Fortunately, there’s no time limit, and no punishment whatsoever for going back over the same space and generally spending time trying stuff out. The real challenge is in simply overcoming each level, as it gives both your brain and your reflexes a work out.

Tips and Tricks

Now that you understand the basics, let’s take a look at a few specific tips and tricks to help you master it.

Take your time: There’s absolutely no need to rush in Tomb of the Mask: Color – so don’t. You don’t get punished for taking your time, so just explore and try and figure out how to beat each level in your own time.

Plan ahead: Do take a look ahead to see if there are any obstacles, traps, or even helpful boosters that will help or hinder you. You have time but that doesn’t mean you’re always safe.

You may need to backtrack: Don’t be afraid to backtrack – you’re going to need to do it often. Much like time, there’s no pressure to find a singular route through each level. So don’t bother trying.

Look out for obstacles: Obstacles and traps aren’t always obvious. They can blend in really well with the scenery, so always take a glance around each level before rushing in to see what you’re up against.

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