Thrive Island: Survival Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Thrive Island Survival Mod Apk – survival action game in an open world with a third-person perspective with familiar classic gameplay. This game will take you to a mysterious island without anyone and you must survive there alone. Thrive Island: Survival is published by Webstarks.

Summary about Thrive Island Survival

NameThrive Island Survival
GenreRole Playing
Size28 MB
Get it onAndroid 4.1 and up
Mod featureFree Shopping

Information Thrive Island Survival

Thrive Island Survival Mod Apk

Thrive Island Survival Mod Apk

MOD APK Thrive Island Survival – action from a third person survival with classic gameplay. The role of the hero created by the player will be on a mysterious desert island. The character will not know how he got to this place, and what to expect from him. So he has to collect all available resources to make objects, to hunt and study areas. It is important to monitor vital signs of the protagonist, among which are health points, stamina, hunger, thirst and radiation levels.

An open world survival game

Thrive Island Survival Mod Apk

Thrive Island Survival Mod Apk

Thrive Island Survival is a survival role-playing game that takes place in an open world. Where your goal is to survive and thrive on a mysterious island in the ocean. Hunt for animals for food, discover the mysteries of this island. Because only hunting will you have food to survive. Also drinking water is very important. Therefore, you have to find yourself a source of water enough to supply every day.

Explore the world

You are trapped on a mysterious and horrible island, you don’t know how you got there. It is almost like the end of the world. Explore the island and vast forests, pick up anything that will help you survive before night falls. Explore the vast ocean by boat to find new islands, desert islands and volcanoes. Explore hostile dungeons for a wealth of precious resources.

Crafting and building

Thrive Island Survival Mod Apk

Thrive Island Survival Mod Apk

During hunting and foraging, you will encounter many wild animals. To fight them, you need to prepare weapons and armor. After destroying them, collect the resources they drop. Wander around the island, hunt wildlife, collect loot to craft resources and survive. They will be used for a variety of purposes.

Use your construction skills to build bases, small shelters or maybe large buildings to protect you at night. Craft and store all of your collected items and raw materials and use them to your advantage. Craft tools can be used for logging, logging and even fighting.


There are many diseases and dangers that can happen at any time and you need to be careful to avoid them. Try to survive at all costs. Make sure to eat enough and keep warm. Make a fire to help you survive. Make sure you get enough rest and remember to choose a safe place to rest. There are also many new aspects of survival making this an enjoyable realistic survival simulation. Such as, oxygen, swimming, drowning, radioactive poisoning, poisons, weapons, tools and temperatures and more ..

Download Thrive Island Survival Mod Apk

Thrive Island Survival Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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