Tegra Crafting and Building Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Tegra Crafting and Building Mod Apk is a first-person shooter action adventure game that simulates a unique survival war. The game takes place about a world in ruins after the magical cataclysm occurred. Then appeared a lot of monsters, zombies. And you must fight them to stay alive. Tegra is published by Avega Games.

Summary about Tegra Crafting and Building

NameTegra Crafting and Building
PublisherAvega Games
Size126 MB
Get it onAndroid 7.0 and up
Mod featureFree shopping, No Ads

Information Tegra Crafting and Building

Tegra Crafting and Building Mod Apk

Tegra Crafting and Building Mod Apk

Tegra is a first-person shooter where you have to shoot down hordes of monsters and zombies from another world. This survival shooter tells the story of the magical cataclysm that happened due to mixed worlds. The gates from the world of Tegra opened up to our world, through which many magical creatures and zombies entered. Fight for survival in a huge open world. Choose the best shooting guns to fight against monsters that are coming towards you.

Unique survival game

Tegra Crafting and Building Mod Apk

Tegra Crafting and Building Mod Apk

The player will travel to a unique world formed by mixing other worlds. The player is the chosen one, who is designed to balance worlds and prevent complete conquest of our world. First, you’ll need to find food and craft some primitive tools. During the large-scale disaster on the planet through many portals has brought hordes of zombies, crowds, monsters and other creatures up close. The player will have to return to a precarious equilibrium in this universe, but first he needs to settle down in a new place. To do this, players will be able to craft tools, hunt, fight enemies using different weapons, find food and supplies.

Survival, crafting and building

Tegra Crafting and Building Mod Apk

Tegra Crafting and Building Mod Apk

In Tegra crafting and building, you will discover a new world, a world in ruins after the magical cataclysm. Then a mysterious portal scene has sent hordes of zombies and monsters to destroy the world. Your mission is to destroy all of them to protect this world from falling into the wrong hands. During that journey you will be traveling to many locations and you will have to search for resources at those locations. Make a variety of weapons from the resources you find. In addition, you must also build yourself a base to protect from monster attack. Try to survive and overcome the toughest conditions. Remember that the most important thing is to look for food and ingredients because those are the things that will help you survive in this world.


Are you ready for action in this amazing crafting survival shooting game? If you don’t want to die, try crafting the best gear and shoot and kill all zombies and monsters in that shooting game! Survive in the vast zombie world. Start your journey and become a hero.

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Tegra Crafting and Building (Unlimited Money, No Ads)
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