Download Soul Knight MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlock Characters, Skills)

Basic information about Soul Knight MOD APK

Recently, a super retro style shooter game named Soul Knight has been released for free by Chinese gaming firm ChillyRoom on the Google Play app store. Soul Knight has been introduced with words that have never been seen before.

It’s “the best shooter you’ll find on the mobile app store ever”. The main task in the game is you will have to overcome many castles full of dangers lurking. To pass the table you have to move quickly to dodge enemy bullets. At the same time collect weapons and kill all his enemies.


This is an extremely difficult game and has many challenges. Your mission will be to destroy all enemies in each gate. Of course with the limited number of Heroes you have. Each Hero has different special abilities. Therefore, you have to find out to exploit the effectiveness of each Hero. For example, what does a Hero use a weapon to do? Hero avoid bullets used in any case? Or like a Hero sucking the power of an enemy …

In Soul Knight APK, players will be taken to random caves. You have to pick up the scattered items along the way and upgrade your weapons. Each level is guarded by a Boss. Accompanied by countless pitfalls that hinder the exploration of gamers.

In order to destroy the Boss quickly, you have mercenaries to help you with the items you find in the process of escaping. However, you can only hire up to 3 mercenaries per table. Naturally, it will help you focus on killing the Boss more.

Soul Knight MOD APK

Weapon system in the game

In the Soul Knight MOD there are 170 different weapons to choose from. Each weapon has its own strengths. You must use the most effective way to destroy the enemies.

However, these weapons consume a lot of mana. You need to collect mana in each gate or can buy with cash. If not enough mana you can still use weapons for free Blade. This weapon has great damage but short range.

In the game you always have a summoned beast (the default is a cat at first). It will follow you to help fight the enemy. You can buy another. However, they only differ in shape when having the same powers and abilities.

Unlock characters

In Soul Knight, starting at each table, you will be taken to the Living Room. That is where all the heroes appear in the game. Mission you have to choose the right character for that gate. You can buy characters with overwhelming power with bonuses accumulated during the mission or extra money you can actually buy.

The higher the card, the more you have to upgrade your character to complete the mission. The index when upgrading characters will show through indicators such as HP, energy, cooldown, ammunition …

Soul Knight MOD APK


The Soul Knight’s gameplay also works super smoothly even on mid-range mobile devices. Along with that is the classic 2D retro graphic platform that blends with the old four-button game soundtrack. Certainly Soul Knight will win the hearts of gamers at first sight.

Other problems

Like other titles, Soul Knight also requires you to collect the coins in the game. It is gold and precious stones. Gold is here for you to hire soldiers and support items.

Gemstones are the most advanced assets and can be used to buy new characters. Pets or upgrades of current warriors also use gems. The beauty of the game is that you also cannot see the weapons index in the store before buying. If you want to know the hidden power of that weapon, you have to buy it.

If you run out of upgrades, you can play a minigame in the Game lobby. With the mode of giving random gifts with gifts like a super powerful weapon. Gold or even countless gems are also quite interesting fruit. However, you can also receive gifts of a spiritual nature only. It didn’t help that stage, but it was fun.

Soul Knight MOD APK


For players who have never been exposed to a 4-button or 8-bit game, Soul Knight seems to be an ugly, cheap game, but the original gamer is the opposite. The combination of tradition and modern gameplay on the mobile platform is an impressive highlight of the Soul Knight. 8-bit games have never been out of fashion for a long-time game and the developer was very clever when developing a unique single-player game.

With this game, you have the following game download options: Download the originals for Android or iOS, download the MOD version (for Android) with Unlimited function (Money, Precious Stones, Seeds / Materials) or the MOD version with Unlock function (Characters / Skins / Skills). Happy enjoy gamming!

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