Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards: The soccer game – one sports project with multiplayer associated with collecting cards of players. Here, the player will form a team of top athletes, coaches and other staff of the football club. Then the gamer will lead the team to the world level and compete against top teams in the world. Our MOD Unlimited Money version will give you lots of money to upgrade stadiums, squads, skills, …

Summary about Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards

NameSoccer Star 2020 Football Cards
PublisherRedvel Sports Games
Size76 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money

Information Soccer Football Star 2020

Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards Mod Apk

Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards Mod Apk

The new season has started and the new soccer game of football cards will bring a lot of fun and goals to your mobile phone! Download now this soccer game and start your adventure in the soccer world as a professional soccer player.

You will be able to play in all the soccer leagues around the world and if you become in a good footballer, you will be called by the national soccer team to go to the international tournaments like the world soccer trophy.

Difficult start

Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards Mod Apk

Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards Mod Apk

You will have to start in a small team of a small soccer league but if you score important goals and become in the hero of your soccer team, you will be signed by a more important soccer team of a higher league so start to play matches and try to be the hero of each match in this soccer story.

Enter on the soccer pitch and play with your teammates to get the victory and win the soccer league, use the soccer cards to improve your player and train your skills in each match day to become a better footballer.

When you finish each soccer match, you can go to the casino with your teammates or you can buy a lot of luxury productos to improve your social status and win more possibilities of being signed by a sponsor.

Many types of soccer cards, different skills

Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards Mod Apk

Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards Mod Apk

There are many different football cards and each one has a different effect in your player: you will find cards with personal trainers to improve your power, speed, strength, technique and free kicks, cards with soccer agents to find better soccer teams to play, cards with soccer boots to play with a higher level in each soccer match and in the last place but not less important, you will have cards with an offensive and defensive tactics to make the difference in each soccer match.

You will have to pay attention to your relationships with your trainer, girlfriend, teammates, fans and sponsors and care as much as you can because if your relationships are not good, your career won’t advance in the best way and you won’t be able to play in the best soccer teams of the world and you won’t win the most important soccer tournaments of the world like the world football trophy or the european soccer teams like the spanish league or the english league.


You have to win as many soccer matches as you can to promote your team to the highest division of the country where you are playing. Remember that the best soccer teams of the soccer games are in europe. Because of the champions football tournament and the world football trophy.

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Soccer Star 2020 Football Cards - Hack Money
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