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Surely you do not want children in the family to participate in the shooter games full of violence and stress, or the bland Batte Royale games. But the kids still love the fascinating gunfight, Shootout 3D is a perfect suggestion for light entertainment.

Game developer Kwalee has released Shootout 3D – a simple coordinates shooter but also extremely interesting and attractive. Still the dramatic story but you will not see the fierce bloody battle. Instead it is logical thinking about the direction of geometry.

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Story of Shootout 3D

The 3D shootout consists of different colored stick figures. This mobile game also includes monotonous objects on a white background. You and good people need green protection, pink crime.

You just swipe left or right to control all characters on the screen. However, the special feature of this Game is that you can control all your characters, and the enemies will be controlled by your designation.

Touch the screen to shoot, but make sure you do not destroy an innocent civilian public. If unfortunately the innocent people were hit by you, you will have to play from the beginning of that lever. On the other hand, you must defeat the boss before you run out of blood if you do not want to play that table again. If you defeat all enemies and bosses, you are the winner.

Shootout 3D

How to play

Shootout 3D player will play a stick-hero hero with super shooting skills. Criminals and bosses are mingling among civilians or hiding behind cover. Your task is to destroy all of them without harming the kind people.

Players of Shootout 3D APK will have to accurately angle the bullet to go according to the intended purpose. Do not forget to take advantage of objects such as barrels, wooden boards, mirrors to help you in difficult situations. The game has many similarities with billard games with high entertainment. This game is suitable for enjoying at leisure or for short breaks.

Kills the bad guys

Increasing the lever level of difficulty in Shootout 3D MOD APK game increases. The enemies get bigger and you need to defeat them in many different ways. Most important is to kill the bad guys with their own guns based on interesting Ragdoll physics. With the control of both the guns of the enemy, you can completely control its guns to reflect back to finish them. The most important thing is that you still do not hurt ordinary people if you do not want to play again from the beginning.

You must also use the gun appropriately for situations that are crowded with enemies. For example, with a group of enemies close in, you can use close-range guns with cone damage and wide area damage to take them down. Or you have to quickly search for fuel tanks among these enemies to quickly explode it. With your creativity, you can freely draw the bullet paths you want.

Shootout 3D


Shootout 3D is a relatively light entertainment game when only encapsulated in 46Mb of memory. But not so that it is less attractive. The game has simple dark designed graphics that bring unprecedented experiences.

The characters are designed including funny Stickman with different colors and objects appear monotonous on a white background. You and the good guys need green protection, pink criminals and black bosses.


Shootout 3D is a shooting game with a gameplay that has a lot in common with a Billiards game. The game is highly entertaining and suitable for you to entertain at your leisure or for short breaks. Are you ready to play the role of rescuing innocent people and becoming heroes in the game?

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