School Days MOD APK v1.200 Free Download (Unlock Editor, Remove Ads)

Basic information about School Days MOD APK

School Days MOD APK is a simulation game depicting fun activities, learning with friends during the time you were in school. School Days is published by MDickie provider, is an interesting game about the School theme.

School Days is a well-known simulation game besides The Sim Mobile, which helps players experience other life in the virtual world that the game creates. I’m often fascinated by games like School Days because it has lots of new features to explore and experience.

In real life, I’m a relatively quiet person, but in this game I can do crazy things like never before. For example, beating people who bully others or confess to a girl he has long noticed.

School Days MOD APK Free Download

Game Play

Create character

In order to start the game, you need to create a representative character. You can create your own character appearance from hairstyle, hair color to skin, clothing … You can also choose character for the character. A gentleman, masculine or smart, but a bookworm …

Activities in the game

To the left of the screen are arrows that move characters to the left, right, up and down. Because School Days is a real life simulation game, it needs a lot of manipulation thanks to the virtual keys to the right of the screen, including:

  • A: Quickly attack those near you.
  • G: Wrestling with the opponent. This key can also create a hug or throw something in your hand. Combine G + Direction to wrestle the opponent in the direction you want.
  • R: Run. Perhaps no further explanation is needed. Combo R + A to perform a powerful attack.
  • P: Pick up an object in the closest position in front of you. R + P to burn something.
  • T: Interact with other people or with an object around. If you want to chat with someone, use this virtual key.

During conversations, you can touch the conversation to ignore them, shortening the time.

School Days MOD APK Free Download

Your health

In School Days MOD APK, you can see your health status with blood bar in the left corner of the screen (with heart icon). It will decrease over time as you use a variety of activities.

To recover your health, you need to eat something at a fast food store. Of course you have to pay for them, otherwise the shop owner will not leave you alone. Funny that your character will pick up food from the ground and put it into his mouth. Obviously, the most important new health is, it doesn’t matter if everything else is there.

In addition, the most economical way to recover your health is to sleep. In School Days MOD APK, characters can sleep anywhere, be it in bed, desk, even toilet, or in the middle of school yard. Before you exit the game, let your character sleep to get the best health every time you come back.

School Days MOD APK Free Download


In addition to health, you need to consider your own reliability. The way it works is the same, but it only decreases when you engage in negative activities, such as vandalism or fighting. In fact, it doesn’t affect your character much.

But when it drops to 0, your character will completely lose control over a period of time and do crazy things. It’s best to keep a positive attitude and don’t let unfortunate things happen.

Personal comments

Besides the countless attractive features of a simulation game, players also experience a virtual reality world thanks to 3D graphics of the game. Currently, the game is available for both iOS and Android operating systems and allows players to download for free.

If you want to join now, download School Days MOD APK via the link below the article. Note that the game is only for players who are 17 years of age or older. What are you waiting for without returning to a time of your young buffalo?

School Days MOD APK Free Download

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Free Download APK MOD Game version (Unlock Editor + Remove Ads)

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