Samsung is about to launch the Email Plus application, which is extremely useful for Android


Now, Samsung is working hard to bring Android users a new, safer email application than the current application.

Samsung is about to launch the Email Plus application

Last month, many Samsung smartphone owners received emails from Google warning about Samsung email applications coming from a suspicious provider with access to their Gmail data. The message also contains details about how this application’s provider can read, send and delete any message permanently with their Gmail account if desired.
Samsung claims that this issue is only a bug and will be resolved in the near future. Besides, the Korean company is planning to launch a completely new email application for Android devices.
According to LetsGoDigital sources, Samsung’s Email Plus application has been trademarked in the UK, described as computer software for smartphones and tablets to manage email accounts. Most likely, the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 will be the company’s first smartphone to receive this feature.
Although Samsung Email application is listed on Google Play Store, it is only compatible with smartphones and tablets manufactured by Korean companies. Technology experts hope that Samsung’s Email Plus application can overcome the limitations of today’s Email application.

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