Red Imposter Nightmare Christmas Mod Apk 1.0.8 (Unlimited Money)

Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas – a fun and engaging action game with beautiful three-dimensional graphics. This is a puzzle game with many different levels, in which the player will act as an Imposter on a spaceship. You will get infinite money in this Red Imposter Nightmare Christmas MOD APK version, you just need to download and play.

Summary about Red Imposter

NameRed Imposter Nightmare Christmas
PublisherOneSoft Global
Size66 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money

Information Red Imposter Nightmare Christmas

Red Imposter: Nightmare Chrismas is a free action game released by game company ONESOFT Global. In the game, the player plays the role of a crew member in red on a spaceship. The game takes place in limited space, the goal is to kill all crew members on board. You have to skillfully use many different experiences to be able to kill all the crew members on the spaceship without being detected by others. The gameplay of “Red Imposter” will be similar to Among Us’s style. Red Imposter has a simple and fun level design that makes the game popular by many users.

At each level the user will need to eliminate all the other characters so that they are unable to calculate the culprit of the murders. To complete the task the hero must carefully move around the premises, attacking the victims and quickly leave the scene. A complete walkthrough of all stages will be possible only with the destruction of the entire crew in a stealthy manner, so you should act quickly and cautiously.


Red Imposter Nightmare Christmas Mod Apk

Red Imposter Nightmare Christmas Mod Apk

Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas is a puzzle game with a similar mechanism to the game Among Us. The player will experience an interesting game and a relatively simple level design. Bright vistas, three-dimensional shapes, gorgeous colors, and fun levels range from easy to hard to bring relaxation and fun to the player.

However, this game has more levels to play and each level has different puzzles. If in Among Us, a crew is divided into two factions, and each person’s task is to destroy all members of the opposing faction, here is completely different. You are always the Imposter and your main task is to destroy all members of the ship. Click to move around the ship, kill crew members and sabotage the objects. When you kill everyone without being noticed, the level is complete.

How to play

Red Imposter Nightmare Christmas Mod Apk

Red Imposter Nightmare Christmas Mod Apk

Red Imposter is set in a spaceship exploring space. And you always play the role of an imposter (Imposter) along with many other normal members. Simply put, your mission is just to destroy all members of the spaceship and win. In this game you can kill the crew freely, but if you do not complete the puzzles in the correct order, you will be thrown out into space.

But talking about details, this job is not quite simple. The game has many levels of play and difficulty increases with level. The more about the final levels, the more difficult the question logic is and requires players to maximize their imagination to have the opportunity to pass the screen.

Graphics and sound

Red Imposter’s style is also very similar to Among Us, but the overall scene and characters have been transformed from 2D graphic art to a 3D three-dimensional art model. The transformation of the art style does not change the fundamentals of the scene. The game’s background is still confined to a limited space like a spaceship. In addition, three-dimensional character models and realistic scenes give players a more realistic gaming experience.


Red Imposter is by no means an action game more precisely it is a fun puzzle game. Regardless of the level, the player needs to consider the sequence of kills during the crew kill process to avoid the other crew members being discovered during the killing and causing the screen to fail. Of course if you have not discovered the rules of the game, a failure or two failures is enough to understand the simple rules of the game.

Download Red Imposter Nightmare Christmas Mod Apk

Red Imposter Nightmare Christmas Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Video NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER – Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas:

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