PUBG Mobile APK v0.16.0 Free Download (Latest version)

PUBG Mobile APK has been very hot since appearing on the game market more than 1 year ago. Let’s find out about this game mobile.

Basic information about PUBG Mobile APK

PUBG Mobile APK (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds) is an online 3D shooting game in the Battle Royal style. This game was developed by PUBG Corporation. This is a game based on last man standing, inspired by the Battle Royal movie.

In PUBG Mobile APK, 100 players will be dropped on a deserted island. Their mission is to collect weapons to participate in a survival war. The most important goal is to become the last surviving player in the chaotic purge.

There will be a safe area created, but narrowed over time. Survivors will have smaller and smaller safety areas. There, the battle will be more intense and the survivor will eventually become the winner. Sounds pretty similar to the script of the “Naked Weapon” movie.

After just over 2 months of launch, PUBG Mobile APK has become one of the world’s most popular games with millions of installs. Tencent is the main partner, negotiating with Bluehole (PUBG’s parent company) to bring this game to the mobile platform. That is the process of forming PUBG Mobile.


That’s the manufacturer’s response when the biggest player in this game, Fornite, has also developed a mobile version. In fact, PUBG’s Mobile version is developed and operated by Tencent itself. Bluehole plays only the role of consultant and supervisor.

PUBG Mobile APK has a gameplay that seems to be original from the PC. That helps the fans of this game easily get acquainted. Moreover, free development of both platforms (Android / IOSS) also helps the game quickly gain a foothold in the market.


Mobile platform is clearly not strong but Console or PC. But surprisingly, developers still equip PUBG Mobile APK with a very good graphics platform. It is like the original perfectly and is a plus for this game.

PUBG Mobile APK opens with an image of a plane carrying 100 people through a large island. The player will jump off the plane and land on the empty beach. This is a very magnificent image when despite the small person in front of immense space, he has the arrogance.

The scenes in the game are very elaborate and elaborate. From houses, grasslands to rivers, the bridge is very soulful. In addition, the details of the characters are also paid close attention. You will love this game when you first join.


About version PUBG Mobile

On the PC version, you need to press the F movie if you want to map or go to a house. This will be completely easy with the automatic feature on the PUBG Mobile APK version. This auto function will definitely make many fans of this game enjoy, I like you.

With virtual navigation keys on the screen, moving and aiming is also easier. Shortcuts like on the PC for functions such as walking, lying, sitting, jumping, drinking, reloading … are replaced by virtual keys on the Mobile version. In addition, driving is much simpler than the PC version.

About weapons, equipment … made completely like the original. Types of hats, armor … are divided into different levels (3). Freshwater plays an important role in healing and increasing physical strength, accelerating when running.

In the mobile version, the publisher also has many new mechanisms and events such as season rankings, making friends with other players, rewarding money when logging in daily or actual events, etc. Article That helps the PUBG community grow more and more.


In the version introduced in this article (v0.13.1) there are new things that you will feel surprised. That’s the completely new Team Deathmatch game mode. In Vikendi mode, you will leave footprints or wheel marks on the snow. This version also has a new gift system, fixing errors that exist. In particular, enhanced fraud detection system. Currently has not found APK Game version yet, but I promise to have it soon when I see it.


There is not much to complain about PUBG Mobile APK because this is one of the top games of 2019. The eye-catching graphics and vivid sound make it hard to turn off your phone.

Of course, for phones with low demand or low battery capacity, this game should not be played. Only 3 hours for a 100% Iphone X device to zero. But with the completely free, your experience will be easier and simpler, right? Wish you have fun playing games.

Free Download PUBG Mobile (for Android)

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