Penguin Isle Mod Apk 1.29.2 (Unlimited Money)

Penguin Isle Mod Apk – cute idle game building unusual city in an interesting setting. In the game the player falls on a snow-covered island inhabited by penguins. The task of the player will be to improve this place so that the penguins can live comfortably and collect many different species of penguins. If it’s too difficult to unlock habitats, you can download the MOD Free Shopping version. Penguin Isle is published by Habby.

Summary about Penguin Isle

NamePenguin Isle
Size68 MB
Get it onAndroid 4.1 and up
Mod featureMod Free shopping

Introduce about Penguin Isle

Penguin Isle Mod Apk

Penguin Isle Mod Apk

In the Penguin Isle game the player manages the Peguin’s Habitats. There are lots of Habitats to unlock, creatures to discover, and challegens to complete. In each Habitat, you get a unique Peguin who will work there and grind gold coins for you. A player falls on the snow-covered island inhabited by penguins. The user task will be the improvement of this place for a comfortable life animals. For this he will need to build a home, to provide the penguins work to improve the surrounding territory. A good site will help to attract new residents who want to stay here. Along with great gameplay gamer also will find high-quality graphics, amazing

Your objective in game

Penguin Isle Mod Apk

Penguin Isle Mod Apk

Your objective in the game is to unlock all the Habitats and earn a huge amount of money every second. To unlock new habitats, you need coins. You get these coins from the Penguins working in the habitats. In the initial phase, to collect the coins, you have to tap the Penguin every time. You can automate the coins collection process by evolving the habitats. And, increase the earnings from the habitats by upgrading the Penguin.

In the Penguin Isle game there are lots of  creatures that you can create by collecting their shards of pieces. Once you have enough, you can create that creature and it will spawn on the island. All these creatures provide a unique buff to the player, increase in gold production, reducing the habitat upgrade cost.

Get the free chests from the shop

At the upper-right corner of the game screen, tap the shopping bag icon to enter the shop. Scroll down below to the treasure chest section; there you can claim free chests, silver chest and the gold chest. From these chests, you get creature pieces or shards and once you have enough, you can create it or upgrade it.

On the ocean side, from time to time, a box appears. Tapping the box will give you the details of the reward – watch the video ad and call the whale to get coins immediately.

Upgrade the penguins wisely

Penguin Isle Mod Apk

Penguin Isle Mod Apk

At the bottom-center of the screen, expand the upgrade menu by tapping the see more button. In the habitat upgrades menu, you can spend the coins and upgrade the Penguin. But who should you upgrade first to progress fast. We would recommend you to start from the bottom and then go to the top. Every new habitat’s penguin produces more gold than the old ones. In the same habitat menu, you can check the gold coins production rate in each habitat banner. Compare the two Penguin’s Habitats gold production at the same level and you will notice the difference.

Once you unlock a new habitat, the very first thing that you have to do is evolve it to level 1 – to automate the gold production. It will cost hearts from the Penguins of gift boxes. At the top right corner of the screen, tap the quest scroll button to check the ongoing quest. Complete it to get energy or stamina. You can use it to research or unlock new buffs. Complete all the researches and reach the next tier upgrades.

Features in Penguin Isle

  • Idle Game that with relaxing and healing gameplay
  • Easy and simple
  • A variety of penguins and arctic animals
  • Cute animal animations
  • Beautiful polar scenery
  • Comforting melody and the sound of waves

Download Penguin Isle Mod Apk

Penguin Isle Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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