Oceanhorn MOD APK – Extremely attractive adventure game

There are many exciting games in the role-playing and adventure genre. Typical in this series are Minecraft Plane, Monster Hunter or God of War … One of them, Oceanhorn MOD APK I will introduce today. In my opinion, this is a game worth trying.

Basic information about Oceanhorn MOD APK

Oceanhorn is an immersive, action-adventure game inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Many gamers even commented that Oceanhorn is an upgraded version of both content and graphics. Though quite similar, Oceanhorn isn’t exactly a copy of Zelda.

In fact, Oceanhorn MOD APK will help you to experience great nature. These are the majestic caves, the ancient villages that are poetic or ocean full of colors. And the purpose of this adventure is to destroy the legendary sea monster – Oceanhorn.

Oceanhorn MOD APK

Story of game

The main character of this game is a boy. One beautiful day, when he woke up, he realized that his father had disappeared. At the same time, he left a necklace and instructions. He needs to find a master so he can teach and turn on mysterious stories.

In fact, the father did not disappear. He left to find out about the sea monster Oceanhorn, which once killed his wife. The moment has arrived, he set out to kill the monster and let it no longer harm anyone.

Can the boy complete his destiny? And maybe know about the truth? Can find his father? etc. All that will be answered when you break the Oceanhorn MOD APK. Personally, I like games with such a humanistic and challenging storyline.

Oceanhorn MOD APK

The Endless Adventures

You will experience his journey at dawn. The player will be instructed with some specific actions, such as viewing the map, getting water, etc. The Uncharted Seas island is where the main context of the story takes place. This is an island that contains many dangers and unexplained mysteries. Through Oceanhorn MOD APK, you will unravel the mystery above.

Oceanhorn ™ combines a role-playing game and puzzle elements. As a smart player, I believe you will solve puzzles that are not too difficult. Of course, the game promotes entertainment, so the puzzles are not too hard. For example, you must use leverage to open the gates, or find the key to open the chest …

Join the Oceanhorn World MOD APK, you will discover the grandeur of nature. The islands, caves, deep forests or even cemeteries … are vividly recreated. You can also join a pirate crew floating in the ocean.

Oceanhorn MOD APK


Puzzle is only a small part of the boy’s journey. The main task is still fighting with monsters with increasing power along the way. Oceanhorn MOD APK will automatically target you. You only need to control the character and move continuously to attack.

The game’s control system is very intuitive, easy to control and smooth. Usually, at the same time, you won’t have to encounter many monsters. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the difficulty of the game. Basically, the entertainment goal is still above all. The ancient treasures of the kingdom of Arcadia are still waiting for you to discover.

Excellent graphics

Oceanhorn’s graphics are based on 3D platform with 1080p HD resolution. It brings the best visual experience to you. You will be immersed in the animated animation world of the game. Colorful landscape, very beautiful and majestic.

Moreover, the audio is compiled by the world’s leading composers. Stories and characters are also voiced by famous actors. That helps your experience of this surreal world more authentic.

Oceanhorn MOD APK


Basically, follow me, Oceanhorn MOD APK is a game worth a try. You can download standard versions from Google Play, iOS or experience the APK Game Version that you provide below with Unlimited Money. Rest assured, the Unlimited Money doesn’t make you feel any less desirable to explore OceanHorn World.

Free Download Oceanhorn for Android
Free Download Oceanhorn for iOS
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keren, artikel ini sangat bagus. ane jadi belajar banyak hal dari postingan ini. keren!!!

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