Download Noblemen 1896 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Noblemen 1896 Mod Apk – action game combining strategy and shooting in real time. The game is about the war that took place in 1896 with the protagonist being a noble who had to fight to protect his country. The game is published by Foursaken Media.

Summary about Noblemen 1896

NameNoblemen 1896
PublisherFoursaken Media
Size30 MB
RequestAndroid 4.5 and up
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money

Information Noblemen 1896

Noblemen 1896 Mod Apk

Noblemen 1896 Mod Apk

Noblemen: 1896 – a mixture of real-time strategy and shooter. The year is 1896, and war has begun… To your right, Militia are cut down by saber wielding cavalry. In the distance, cannon fire echoes as a lumbering Steam Tank fires its auto cannons. Your Gatling Gun Team unleashes a salvo of fire, cutting down an enemy squad like wheat. Behind you, the drone of your Frigate Class Airship reassures you before unleashing its salvo of supporting fire.

You are a Nobleman

Noblemen 1896 Mod Apk

Noblemen 1896 Mod Apk

The main character, is a hereditary nobleman will lead his troops into battle with opponents. You are a Nobleman. You have the best equipment, the best weapons, and the best armies. Only you can destroy the enemy! The user will be a variety of authentic military equipment and weapons. Over the course of the battles can be observed from the outside, as well as participate in them directly yourself. The game turns into a shooter 3rd person. The project has realistic graphics and voice acting, varied gameplay and atmosphere of the war.

Melee Sword Combat

Noblemen 1896 Mod Apk

Noblemen 1896 Mod Apk

While the game touts swordplay as a valid tactic, melee combat is only worthwhile under specific conditions. It can be more effective than firing since it’s more accurate, but you have to sprint into the open — leaving yourself vulnerable to fire from whoever you are charging.

You are also locked in melee combat for a few seconds and can’t disengage immediately to run back to cover. Unless there are only a few enemies left and you are low on ammo or somehow don’t have cover nearby, it’s not really worth going into melee.

Command Mode

Noblemen 1896 Mod Apk

Noblemen 1896 Mod Apk

Combat gets frantic, and in ground view your troops will move on their own to seek out cover and engage the enemy. You should pop into the sky view Command Mode frequently, as this gives you a better idea of the enemy’s position, and also lets you pause to direct the flow of battle.

There’s also a nifty little trick here for keeping yourself alive for a push towards the enemy — command your troops to protect your Nobleman so you have troops guarding you during your advance!

Download Nobleman 1896 Mod Apk

Noblemen 1896 Mod Apk (Free Shopping)
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