Download My Home Design Dreams Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

My Home: Design Dreams Mod Apk is a management and interior design simulation game of Zenlife Games. If you are a design lover and wish to create a sparkling room with your own personality, My Home – Design Dreams is a very suitable game for you. Become a master in decoration and interior design. Discover a heartfelt story in the game and meet many lifelike characters.

Summary about My Home Design Dreams

NameMy Home Design Dreams
PublisherZenlife Games
Size155 MB
Get it onAndroid 5.0 and up
Mod featureUnlimited Money

Information My Home Design Dreams

My Home Design Dreams Mod Apk

My Home Design Dreams Mod Apk

My Home – Design Dreams is a story of a young girl who loves and loves interior design. She went from her small town and big cities to make that dream come true. Here she started her design work starting from her own apartment to be the most sparkling and perfect. Gradually accumulate experience to be able to develop her job in many places she dreams of.

This is a game of only bonus and accumulated over time. However, it is not boring. You will quickly be intrigued by the accomplishment. This makes you enthusiastically build and design it. This feeling is like in your real life. After building a house, you always try to earn money to decorate it and complete the housewares.

How to play

My Home Design Dreams Mod Apk

My Home Design Dreams Mod Apk

This game is very simple to play. You just need to enter the house and decorate it on your own. Touch the screen with your hand to control the arrangement and movement of items. Everything is waiting for you. If you want to move items, touch them, and move on the screen. When you find a location you like, release your hand. When the arrangement is not beautiful, you continue to do it again until perfect.

You can use both a diverse and rich furniture warehouse. To open and get items, you must have money. After completing each mission, you will have a bonus. In addition, you can take part in challenge matches to receive the furniture. This increases stimulation for gamers.

Gameplay My Home Design Dreams

My Home Design Dreams Mod Apk

My Home Design Dreams Mod Apk

My Home – Design Dreams is an interior design game, so arranging and editing the room so sparkling will be the main task of the player. At the start the player will be assigned an almost empty room with only a few simple furniture inside.

But there is no need to worry too much about not knowing where to start and how when the game will also give players hints so that players can know how to start with that empty room. With each suggestion in that room, players will have 3 options to combine to create the most perfect room. When you have completed all the suggestions, the room is sparkling and the most beautiful, you will receive amazing gifts.

Sound and graphics

My Home Design Dreams Mod Apk

My Home Design Dreams Mod Apk

My Home – Design Dreams has a gentle main soundtrack with a very comfortable slow tempo. The game screen has a faster tempo to help create a sense of challenge for players. Sound effects when exploding objects create a strong, explosive feeling that makes players excited.

The graphics of My Home – Design Dreams are designed in 3D, so the decorations in the rooms look very real and lively. In match-3 levels, the objects are simply designed but extremely lovely. Effects when the player activates special objects such as rockets, bombs, pinwheels are extremely beautiful and create excitement to make the game more interesting.

Download My Home Design Dreams Mod Apk

Mod info:

  • unlimited lives
  • money increase when spent
My Home Design Dreams Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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