Download Mow Zombies Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Mow Zombies Mod Apk is an addictive action shooter game with top-down perspective and beautiful cartoon graphics. The game was released by Digital Native. Our Mod version will give you unlimited money to buy weapons and invincible mode can’t be defeated.

Summary about Mow Zombies 

NameMow Zombies
PublisherDigital Native
Size32 MB
RequestAndroid 4.1 and up
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money

Information Mow Zombies

Mow Zombies Mod Apk

Mow Zombies Mod Apk

Mow Zombies – a dynamic action with top-down view and cartoony graphics. The player will control a cute young girl who will be skillfully deal with the zombies. The world is completely destroyed by the forces of the walking dead, and the main character can be his salvation.

To achieve the former state of the planet, she will lead the battle in the spacious locations against hordes of enemies. Each defeated enemy will enable you earn some coins. The money will be spent on the purchase of new guns. Also during the battle she will be able to transfer to military transport place.


Mow Zombies Mod Apk

Mow Zombies Mod Apk

As you can see, this fierce battlefield really isn’t fair in numbers. Therefore, you need to be equipped with state-of-the-art weapons if you want to win. But sadly, they are not available. You need to accumulate gold coins to unlock them.

You also need to accumulate gold coins to use in the upgrade process. The weapons after being upgraded will have a faster bullet speed, while the firepower is significantly increased.

However, not all weapons can be upgraded in the first place. Some types require you to have a special level or achievement requirement. In addition, during combat, you can also pick up weapons and supply boxes. They are very useful in buffing and restoring the character’s energy in the short term.

Guide play

Special Zombie Types and How to Tackle Them

Normal zombies are easy to tackle – The minute these brain-eating monsters enter the circle, they are smashed to a pulp. But special zombies are more powerful and they just won’t walk towards your character. They will sprint, leap at you, even try to snipe you down and explode when they come closer to you. Here are a few dangerous zombies to watch out for:

1. Normal zombies

Mow Zombies Mod Apk

Mow Zombies Mod Apk

Purple sand monster: You will come across these pesky creatures every now and then in almost all stages. The white ones are less dangerous, it’s the purple ones that will slowly crawl and then suddenly pounce at you. The best way to deal with them is to eliminate them before they jump.

Red Sprinters: They appear harmless until they rush towards your character. Wearing red clothes, they run so fast that no bullet can stop them, but you can. Just before he sprints, a red path appears between him and your character just when he enters her range. Move away from the red path as soon as you see it.

Purple Police Z Equipped with Laser Guns: Purple zombies are extremely dangerous because there won’t be any warning before they attack. They will shoot laser beams. The only way to defend yourself is to keep an eye on purple laser beams and don’t let them hit you. Like snipers, you should always try to eliminate purple zombies earlier.

Large Spiders: Those with arachnophobia stay away! Smaller spiders are easy to kill, but it’s the larger ones that might give you a panic attack. When you kill a large spider, tiny spiders emerge out of the dead spider and scuttle towards you. A flamethrower would a be good weapon choice against them

2. Zombies Z

Mow Zombies Mod Apk

Mow Zombies Mod Apk

Sniper Z: Wearing a yellow uniform, they are large zombies that wield a sniper weapon. You wouldn’t even know when you are hit when you are busy battling enemies. But if you pay attention to the big red scope or target hovering around your character, you can avert this danger. The target appears just before he snipes you down. Just move away from the target and you will be fine, but make sure you eliminate a sniper zombie ASAP!

Construction Worker Z: They are burly, wear those hard hats, just like construction workers and throw large boulders at you. Don’t let them come closer to you and move away when you spot an incoming boulder.

Z Dogs: They are very quick and will pick up speed when they enter the circle around your character (same goes for those small sand monsters). Good thing is that your character will instantly attack an incoming zombie dog, but be vigilant and keep moving your character backwards as she keeps attacking dogs.

SWAT Z: Armed with a riot shield, SWAT Z are not easy to beat. Since these tank zombies equip a shield for protection, it will take some time to eliminate them. Holding a shield, they will keep moving towards your character. Laying down traps, such as landmines to weaken them (use the mouse trap secondary weapon when unlocked) is the best way to deal with them.

Bomb Carrying Z: They carry bombs, run quicker than others and explode when they come closer to your character. Eliminate them when they enter the circle.

Download Mow Zombies Mod Apk

Mod info:

  • money increase when spent
  • god mode
Mow Zombies Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)
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