Monster Legends Mod Apk v12.0.2 (Hack Skill CD, Auto Win)


Monster Legends Mod Apk – attractive strategy game with flaming battle arena multiplayer for Android devices. In this game, players will collect monsters, build a world for monsters to live in, and participate in battles in the arena.

Summary about Monster Legends

Name Monster Legends
Publisher Social Point
Genre Strategy
Version 12.0.2
Size 210 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up

Introduce about Monster Legends

Monster Legends Mod Apk

Monster Legends Mod Apk

You love powerful Pokemon, you want to own a pet to follow you. You want to participate in fierce battles between monsters. If so, immediately download Monster Legends to your phone. Surely this game will not let you down.

As a game released since 2014 by the publisher Social Point, Monster Legends has always been the most popular game on phones. In addition, the number of downloads of Monster Legends Mod Apk has also reached more than 50 million downloads on Google Play.

If you are a real Monster Master, you will enjoy fighting in Team Wars, where you can join other players in the game and win awesome rewards.

Gameplay in Monster Legends

Monster Legends Mod Apk

Monster Legends Mod Apk

Most of the popular games today are designed with eye-catching 3D graphics, but Monster Legends only owns simple 2D graphics. However, that does not mean that Monster Legends has lost its popularity.

The 2D graphic design will not affect the game, but it also brings the mystery, ancient and wild to the monsters that are designed to be diverse, meticulous and very unique.

Players will constantly change the monsters that go to battle each battle to find the most powerful monsters to fight while also promoting the monster’s stats while you are in battle. Each type of monster has its own system and skill to counter that requires the player to catch the right time to finish the opponent.

Each monster has its own elements, stats, skills and experience levels to serve a variety of tactics of your own creation. More specifically, each monster has the ability to self-generate gold (at the monster’s Habitat) to help you have more income to build houses as well as upgrade.

How to play Monster Legends

Monster Legends Mod Apk

Basically, the gameplay of Monster Legends is quite similar to Dragon City. The difference is that Dragon City are dragons and Monster Legends are monsters. However, the number of monsters of Monster Legends is superior.

There are more than 500 different types of monsters and can be bred into many new species. Monster Legends is a suitable arena for monster trainers to showcase their talents.

Breed, feed and train Legendary and Epic monsters, then build your battle force and face the ultimate challenge. That’s exactly what you need to do in Monster Legends. The battles against the Master Monsters take place in real time.

Lead your beasts into arena battles in this fighting game. Breed, feed and train Legendary and Epic monsters, then build your fighting force and face the ultimate challenge: real-time battles against other Monster Masters!

Collect monsters, choose different skill sets and strengthen your strategy in action battles. Start by building a world for your monsters to live in, fill it with habitats and breed new species!

Features in Monster Legends

Monster Legends Mod Apk

Monster Legends Mod Apk

Unique management game

Collect more than 600 monsters: New monsters are added to the game every week. Breed monsters with different elements and rarity to create amazing new species. Acquire incredible monsters of all kinds in the game’s limited-time events.

Build the right strategy

Level up your monsters for the battles ahead and rank them up in the Monster Lab to break their limits. Power up your monsters with Runes and equip them with valuable Relics to gain an advantage in battle. Set up your monster teams that combine attackers, tanks, and controller monsters.

Real-time multiplayer game

In Live Duels, you don’t need to own a monster to create your dream team and battle another Monster Master. Fight in PvP battles in Multiplayer Mode each season for trophies, rewards, and a chance to win Legendary Leagues.

Join a team, build a strategy in Team Chat, fight in Team Wars and Team Duel, and earn exclusive monsters from the Team Store. Challenge your teammates and friends in Friendly Live Battle, a real-time battle mode.

Download Monster Legends Mod Apk

Monster Legends Mod Apk

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