Download Minecraft Plane MODs PE v1.18.2 for Android

To learn about Minecraft Plane MODs, I will first talk about Minecraft. Mobile game developed by Mojang, first released more than 10 years ago. In 2014, Microsoft bought Minecraft for $ 2.5 billion. So far, this is still the most popular game of all time when it sold 175 million copies.

On the app store, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the most widely used version. You can install this application through Google Play. On this platform, Minecraft has been in development for almost 7 years. So what makes the attraction of Minecraft PE?

The changes since first version

Mobile most liked Candy Crush Saga has also been updated a lot. Since its first release on Mobile, Minecraft has changed a lot. When the game was first released, it lacked most features from the PC version. There are no monsters, no manufacturing, no mines, no nights and games are confined.

Compared to the first release, Minecraft now has countless underground caves that you can play in. Manufacturing system, number of monsters has also been updated. The scene also has many changes, a dawn to a brilliant sunset.

Minecraft Plane MODs


Basically, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a digital LEGO model. Game in an endless open world with action and gentle role-playing elements. There are two modes available in the game: creativity and survival.

Creative mode

In creative mode, you have unlimited access to all different types of blocks. Even those types cannot be obtained in survival mode. You also have breeding eggs to create MOD, a creature in the Minecraft world.

You also have the ability to fly and are almost immune to all types of damage. You can immediately exploit resources. Your tool is also not worn out. You can swing through the indestructible blocks. Basically, you have survived successfully. You have everything you need to create the World.

Survival mode

In this mode, you are completely empty. You have no resources and tools. You must use what’s available. Monsters can hurt you. You also have to have food to survive. Overall this is a harsh mode and you need to survive in nature.

In multi-player mode, you can play with other players around the world. You can create the World together or join campaigns to defeat monsters.

Minecraft Plane MODs

About Minecraft Plane MODs

So far, though Minecraft is a paid game, it is still very attractive to players. Not only that, many third parties have also created Minecraft Plane Mods to make it easier for players to play in this game. One of them is Plane MOD version released by Ultimate Mobile. Currently, this MOD version has version 1.18.2 updated in March.

Mods for Minecraft PE (MCPE) is a tool that helps you get more comfortable playing minutes with many MOD functions. Just install this MOD version (the link I will provide below). After that, you can activate any MOD functions you want.

Key features of Minecraft Plane MODs

  • There are many modes in Minecraft Plane MODs, you can choose MOD guns, MOD resources or MOD cars …
  • In the Add-ons installer, you can add dinosaurs, dragons, planes, tanks, predators … You just need to install the original MCPE version.
  • There are hundreds of different types of maps for you to explore such as adventure, survival, PvP, horror …
  • Diverse resources
  • Seeds in Minecraft Plane MODs: updated with new types
  • Social networking features are also added new
  • Support to enter mod for Master Minecraft with MCMaster
  • Support for modding BlockLauncher (for MCPE version 0.15.10 or lower, BlockLauncher is required).

Minecraft Plane MODs


Minecraft has long been a game of many gamers. Believe that, when you are a loyal fan of this game, you will try MOD versions. For many games, I recommend that you do not need MOD (such as Auto Chess Mobile, Chess Rush …). But with Minecraft, Minecraft Plane MODs are really worth playing.

Free Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition
Free Download MODs of Minecraft Plane PE

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