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Basic information about Marvel Strike Force MOD APK

It can be said that the superhero theme is always a fascinating topic. It always receives special attention from game developers. The introduction of Marvel Strike Force is a follow-up to this claim. The game will bring in the role-playing genre with turn-based themes based on the Marvel universe superheroes.

Marvel Strike Force was developed by FoxNext Games. This is a group of members separated from Kabam. Marvel Strike Force is their own debut product. This mobile game allows you to recruit a “Justice Alliance” that includes heroes and villains to combat a greater threat to Earth.


Like previous superhero games, Marvel Strike Force MOD APK is still the story revolving around the universe superhero characters. They will still fight against Thanos and the bad guys will always have a mind to take over the Earth. Superheroes will have to gather together to fight and protect the earth. You must command superheroes in your team. They are Iron Man, Captain Amrica, Hulk, Spaider – Man … Kill the enemy, save the earth.

Marvel Strike Force MOD APK


In Marvel Strike Force APK, you will command a team of 5 people. You will have to choose 5 superheroes with their own abilities and powers. The ultimate goal is to complete your mission. Your task is to investigate and break the attacks of dark forces. They want to take over the earth.

Marvel Strike Force will have role-playing style. But the game also incorporates a turn-based combat element. Players need to choose appropriate skills and tactics. Only that, the attacking characters can win the most optimal way. Each superhero will have different skills. Therefore, you need to combine these warriors to the most reasonable.

Super heroes in Marvel Strike Force

Unlike other Marvel Games, in Marvel Strike Force you have the opportunity to interact with a superhero force of up to 70 different characters. These Marvel universe characters possess different unique skills. Therefore, your task is to link them together in the same team. It will create mutually powerful power effects throughout the war.

The characters in the game all have a unique unique skill. They can be upgraded by unlocking when leveling up. That is when you perform the task. Each warrior in the game needs to own at least 3-4 tips to perfect themselves.

Marvel Strike Force MOD APK

Beautiful graphics

FoxNext has brought a game with beautiful 3D graphics and extremely lively. From forming the character close to the original, until the visual effect of explosion, shading are extremely impressive. In particular, you will feel eye-catching with the successive sequences filled with virtual variables. It is in a superhero attack.


If you’re a fan of superheroes, especially Marvel universe characters, you’ll want to experience Marvel Strike Force games. As usual, I will provide links to download standard versions with Android and iOS. In addition, you can also use the MOD version with Energy MOD. Wish you have fun playing games.

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