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Recently, blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron has swept across theaters around the world. Marvel just let the superheroes’ reputation stop at the screen. The company has teamed up with Netmarble to create a mobile game superhero. It is Marvel Future Fight, on a worldwide scale.

In the press conference announcing the release date of MARVEL Future Fight, Netmarble CEO, Gun Kim said: “We are happy to be able to provide a new direction for the role-playing action game series.

Players are encouraged to create small groups with Marvel’s superhero characters like Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, Captain America and more than 100 other heroes. MARVEL Future Fight will raise the standard for global RPGs.

Basic information about MARVEL Future Fight

A bit of information about MARVEL Future Fight for readers, this is the darling of Marvel and Netmarble brands. This is a famous Korean game company. Previously they have succeeded with Grandchase, Dragon Ball Online and other online games.

MARVEL Future Fight

Previously, Marvel had embarked on many different companies to bring their brands to smartphones. They have worked with Gameloft to launch Spider-Man Unlimited, with DeNA in Marvel Mighty Heroes, and with Kabam in Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game.

The current version of MARVEL Future Fight will give players 37 characters from the Avengers. Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and even Daredevil (currently popular with Netflix’s TV series) … to choose. Each character will have their own unique abilities and costumes.

The game content will revolve around the battle between heroes and evil people in these films: Dr. Ock, Loki, and Ultron. In particular, the game content is based on the original Marvel Universe story written by talented writer Eisner, Peter David.

Most of Marvel’s fictional characters operate in a single entity called the Marvel universe and they all allied together to form a power squad to protect the planet.

MARVEL Future Fight

The familiar plot

Participating in the game as a coalition leader, the player will have the task of recruiting his team of superheroes and familiarize themselves with their super powers to fight evil, fight defeat the evil forces are plotting raging, vying for the whole universe.

Marvelous battles in the Marvel universe will be recreated in Marvel Future Flight. Here you get PK hands. Crush the opponent with Thor’s hammer, slaughter with Iron Man or use Captain America’s shield to flatten them all. Those things can be found in this action game.

The characters

You will see all the Marvel characters in this game. From protagonists like The Avengers, Daredevil, Spiderman … to villains like Loki, Ultron … The characters all have their own unique skills.

In Marvel Future Flight, the characters possess 4 basic skills and 1 powerful ultimate move. In addition, they also have a passive move to promote their power when necessary. You can own characters when fighting, capturing or unlocking in the store.

MARVEL Future Fight

The game mode

Marvel Future Flight still has the basic game modes of an action game. It is a copy, real-time PvP and PvE Mission. In Copy mode, you complete the mission and will unlock different characters.

PvP brings a real experience when faced with gamers around the world. In particular, when you have conquered the 3-star copies, you will unlock the auto-beat mode to go over and kill the Boss without you having to control.


The look has been made very well by the developer when the image is the most impressive point that MARVEL Future Fight brings to the player. Designed on 3D graphics with the use of advanced Unity 3D tools, the game opens in front of gamers with beautiful and realistic frames to every centimeter.

In addition, with small details with a modern look, MARVEL Future Fight successfully portrayed the fierce battle of the future. With the view from the top down, the battle interface will achieve maximum surface area. This means that the player will have the widest viewing angle to be able to perform comfortable moves and moves.

Besides, the use of many colors but with a deep bass makes it only with looking at the context, players can visualize the chaos, the disasters that the Earth is suffering and the work that the How hard the superhero has to do.

MARVEL Future Fight


In terms of sound, MARVEL Future Fight gives gamers electronic soundtracks sounding magnanimous, like adding drama to the battle. Sometimes, music is still available for players to feel overwhelmed. It felt like I was about to enter a life and death battle, there was no way to retreat.

Besides, the detailed sounds such as clashing sounds, skill sound effects, superheroes’ voices, weapon sounds colliding … are also very well integrated. However, the conversations have been truncated by running the text. This, basically still acceptable.


With high-end 3D graphics, popular storyline and engaging gameplay. The game promises to bring players a beautiful action but not less dramatic, suspenseful. Be ready to participate in the war for humanity. This game supports 2 iOS and Android platforms, you can download from the link below. Currently, the game has no MOD version yet. I will update as soon as I find it.

Free Download for Android

Download for iOS

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