Mad Zombies MOD APK v5.19.0 (Unlimited Money, Force)

Basic information about Mad Zombies

MAD ZOMBIES is a genre-style shooter game of the extinction day of the human world. Experience MAD ZOMBIES game, players will be immersed into warriors. You will be in a special force with the mission to destroy the bloodthirsty zombies.

They are storming the big cities all over the world. These zombies are now very madly wrecking everything they pass through. The destiny of the Earth is in your hands. What are you waiting for without experiencing this cult title?

The plot about global Zombies

Just like other Zombie killing games, Mad Zobies’ world is chaos by the outbreak of Zombie outbreak. The increasing number of deaths means that the number of zombies increases. The world is at risk of being wiped out. As one of the few survivors, your mission is to fight. You will destroy your life and save the world from destruction.

Mad Zombies’ background is mostly in the city area. They are buildings, garages, hospitals, schools, streets and alleys … It is the city that died of outbreaks and the number of zombies raging. So you will have to show your focus and resilience. The goal of destroying the living corpses in one battle is one.

Mad Zombies MOD APK

Play unique zombie killing shooter

The zombies in Mad Zombies MOD APK are bloodthirsty demons. They frantically lashed out every row and alley in the city. They want to turn survivors into them. Even if you die, these corpses can attack and bite you. Your mission is to destroy them, just aim and fire.

Mad Zombies APK is a game that only moves the barrel towards the zombies. Therefore the in-game movement has been automated according to the plot. You are led by a beautiful girl named Lucy. Because the number of Zombies is extremely numerous and aggressive, you have to be extremely flexible. You need to destroy the enemies before they can kill you.

The number of zombies is high and sometimes there are no replacements. You need to have head-shot phases to save bullets and time. You also need to be flexible to use proficiently equipped weapons in games like machine guns, pistols or grenades …

It can be said that, although the gameplay does not need to be moved, your operation must be very fast. With a large number of enemies and a wide variety of weapons, make a clear and effective strategy. Life is at your fingertips, decide your own fate!

Mad Zombies MOD APK

Crazy and Bloodthirsty Enemies

Like the title of Mad Zombies, the corpses in the Game are crazy and bloodthirsty Zombia. With overwhelming numbers, these mobile corpses are crazy. They smashed the city to find survivors to destroy. You will have to deal with all kinds of zombies. From small to giants or boss bosses.

Your chances of survival are getting harder and harder. You have to deal with awake situations when you’re in sniper mode. Because there are always mobile corpses coming to kill you. In particular, the deeper you advance in the game, the heavier your mission is by the Zombies becoming more and more difficult to destroy.

This mobile game has more than 200 tasks to complete. Each mission comes with different challenges. That requires you to have more focus and a more accurate shot.

Mad Zombies MOD APK

Diverse military weapons system

The Mad Zombies weapon system is very diverse for you to choose from. It is necessary to confront this bloodthirsty and crowded zombies. There are a lot of guns to choose from such as sniper rifles, machine guns, pistols … Each gun has a different power to use for different purposes.

In order for the gun to be more powerful, you need to upgrade the gun. It helps guns shoot faster, more powerful to effectively destroy opponents faster. While in danger when facing too many zombies you can use grenades that cause massive damage to the area to defeat the opponent. Selecting the right weapon by function will give you unexpected effects.

However, understanding weapons is not enough. It is important that you use them in real battle. To save bullets and defeat zombies quickly, shoot headshot. Can I show that I am the number one soldier in battle? All is for you.

Mad Zombies MOD APK

Beautiful and spooky graphics

The image in Mad Zombies is very realistic simulation through extremely vivid 3D graphics. You will see Zombies coming from social components like Doctors, Police … They are always facing you with the crimson eyes of the Devil with the whole body of blood.

If you are a weak person, these are very scary images and horror. Therefore, it will bring more real and dramatic feelings when you incarnate into the main character in the game. Show everyone that you are a committed assassin and have a cold heart.


If you are a person who likes shooting or zombie topics, Mad Zombies is a good choice for entertainment. Download this cool shooter game on your phone and save the world from zombie disease. In the framework of this article, I still provide link down standard version (on both iOS and Android). In addition, I also provide Game MOD APK with the function of Unlimted Money, Experience and Immortality.

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Bé Bông Chích
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