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If you’ve ever played, or know League of Legend (League of Legends), then surely not new to the game League of Stickman MOD APK. This game was released more than 4 years ago, but so far is very attractive.

Introduction of League of Stickman

League of Stickman apk is a very engaging action guillotine action game. What makes League of Stickman so special is that the characters are all taken from Game MOBA, League of Legends, the game so far is true “legend”. However, League of Stickman Free, stick-style people.

Your main task in this game is to control your character to destroy all the stick people. Doing this is not easy because the army is very crowded and aggressive. The game allows you to choose characters such as: Garen, Ashe, Zed, Master Yi, Wukong, Shaco, Ryze, Vi, Riven and Yasuo.

It can be said that DreamSky provider has been very successful with this game. The proof is that when it was released, it was a very singing action game. So far, on Google Play has nearly 30 million downloads. League of Stickman MOD APK many times is the best game of the year. This game also appeared more other copies such as: League of Stickman 2, Stickman Legend …

The salient features of League of Stickman MOD APK

Upon its inception in 2015, League of Stickman Free was each voted the best game of the year. This was really a blockbuster in the field of Mobile Game at that time. The version of this game is constantly updated. The heroes are also updated very quickly.

Even on the market, there are many Game MOD APK, League of Stickman hacked version, commonly known as Stickman Arena Hacks. The feature of these hacks is that you can hack money and shop for free. This is also quite useful for gamers when playing a stage forever but not through.

With the single player mode and with rankings, you can show off your achievements to your friends. You can also compete with players around the world in multiplayer mode. Join, beat it all and become a champion.

Graphics and sound

As for graphics, League of Stickman has done a great job in leading the stick-man movement. Simple graphics, but highly effective. In addition, the moves of the characters are also designed smoothly, eye-catching. The image is only black, on a very blue or yellow background.

In terms of sound, League of Stickman MOD APK also impresses when the fight scenes are well integrated. Sound effects in harmony with lighting … create special effects for the game. Overall, there is not much reason to complain about the sound and graphics of this game.


Once a hit game, League of Stickman is really worth playing. In your spare time, or waiting for the train, you can completely immerse yourself in the hero characters. There is no need to save the World, simply to show a personal spirit. Below the article, I provide both the download link for the standard version, as well as the League of Stickman hack MOD APK. I wish you happy gaming.

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