Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk 1.7.19 (Free Shopping)

Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk – the most attractive simulation, idle clicker game for players who love this genre. In Idle Planet Miner, users will travel to a distant, deep planet which contains a large amount of minerals and precious metals and rocks. Start your challenging adventure in Idle Planet Miner by downloading and playing now.

Summary about Idle Planet Miner

NameIdle Planet Miner
PublisherTech Tree Games
Size46 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up
Mod FeatureFree Shopping

Information Idle Planet Miner

Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk

Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk

If you are a person who loves simulation games, idle clickers, digging, then Idle Planet Miner is the perfect choice for you. Idle Planet Miner is an idle clicker simulation game that lets you control a ship that harnesses and digs deep into the core of planets in the solar system!

To get them, you have to use a mining machine that can dig holes at any depth. During the transfer, players will be able to modernize their entire fleet, increasing its efficiency. In addition, you can hire skilled professionals who will help increase profits from this business.

Gameplay of Idle Planet Miner

Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk

Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk

Join Idle Planet Miner, you become an extraterrestrial mining engineer and accompany you as a beautiful assistant Luna. Your job is to steer a mining ship and mine precious metals under the guidance of Luna. You and your spaceship will stop in space, where there are many unknown planets. These planets contain precious minerals, when you click on each planet, necessary information will appear for your reference.

You will let your ship land on these planets and start building mining and mineral production centers for profit. As you have more money, upgrade your equipment so you can dig deeper into the planet and work more efficiently. From there, you can scale your mining beyond the solar system, to other stars in the galaxy.

How to play

Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk

Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk

To launch the game you just need to start clicking to mine rare metals. The workers will automatically do the mining with space ships. Mining resources will be transported to the mother ship for storage. Hire special mining managers to help dig deep, sell ore, craft alloys, and more!

Upgrade your Mining Ship and planets to speed up the extraction of resources. Profits will increase, more valuable resources will be dug up to help expand your empire across the stars. However, the planets are not available and you need to pay some money to start your mining business.

When you unlock many planets, your workload will increase significantly. Meanwhile, hire more workers and managers to reduce workload, get more profit. In particular, in space, there are many interesting phenomena such as comets or meteors. When they appear and fly over, try to crush them to collect rare minerals. Sure, you will make a lot of money.


Idle Miner Planet is an idle game where you just click and click without thinking too much like puzzle games or role-playing games. This is a highly entertaining game with beautiful graphics, depicting the beauty of the universe with planets in the solar system.

Now, go on a mysterious galaxy adventure with Idle Planet Miner. The game is released completely free, does not need an internet connection, so you can play anytime, anywhere. Idle the day digging for ores, rare metals, coins, and more! Download now and start mining ore in one of the most addictive idle click games! Dig your way through the stars!

Download Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk

Mod Info:  free purchases with real money, infinite dark matter (appears after reboot)

Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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