Download Idle Evil Clicker Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Idle Evil Clicker – simulation and funny game with a lot of black humor that will appeal to fans of simulation farms. At this time, the user will be able to become a true Lord of the underworld. Things are heating up in the bowels of Hell, where you will be running your own Hell tycoon! Idle Hell Clicker is, as the name suggests, an idle game where you torture poor souls in the depths of Hell. Idle Evil Clicker is a entertaining little idle game where you get to see cartoon dudes get bullied in all sorts of manners.

Summary about Idle Evil Cliker

Name Idle Evil Clicker
Publisher AppQuantum
Genre Simulation
Size 80 MB
Get it on Android 5.0 and up
Mod feature Free Shopping

Introduce about Idle Evil Clicker

Idle Evil Clicker Mod Apk

Idle Evil Clicker Mod Apk

Forget the boring routine management in other clicking games. Check out Idle Evil Clicker and have fun expanding your torture arsenal. No idle tap game has ever been so funny and unusual. Hire demons, collect souls! Upgrade and automate your evil equipment. Develop the circles of hell.

It’s not just a funny idle tapping game. It’s a whole world for you to dive into — it is simulation of the devil’s life. Demons are your workers now. Invest in your devil company, manage your employees and make your Evil Factory as profitable as possible. Collect souls, build automated boilers and other torture stuff. Unlock new tortures by collecting pieces of puzzles! Puzzles is a very important part of the game, by the way.

Guide play Idle Evil

Buy the Soul Collecting upgrades

Idle Evil Clicker Mod Apk

Idle Evil Clicker Mod Apk

Out of all the potential upgrades you can get, the Soul Collecting upgrades are the ones you should always buy first. Buying this upgrade will make the corresponding workplace automatically accumulate souls over time without you having to manually collect it. You will still need to eventually tap on it to collect the accumulated souls.

This upgrade is important because unless you collect the souls, workplaces will halt until further notice. This upgrade basically puts the “idle” in the game’s name, as you can’t really idle without it!

The first version of the Soul Collecting upgrade will make workplace 1 become automated. You will need to keep purchasing additional upgrades in order to see the ones that affect your other workplaces.

Upgrade until the speed boost

Idle Evil Clicker Mod Apk

Idle Evil Clicker Mod Apk

Whenever you upgrade a workplace, take note of the green bar that appears over the number of upgrades. When this green bar fills up all the way, the workplace will gain a permanent 100% speed boost. This effect can stack multiple times; you simply have to keep upgrading until the green bar fills up again.

When you stack multiple speed boosts on the same workplace, you can really get the souls flowing – even from workplaces that don’t generate a high amount of money from the baseline, like the whipping station.

When to start over

The big boss awaits for you to reset your progress and restart every now and then. You will receive apples when you start over, but it’s really worth it. Not only that you will receive a boost of income for each apple that you have, but you can also spend them to purchase special boosts that make your life a lot easier.

So… when to reset your progress in Idle Hell Clicker aka Evil Clicker? Whenever the amount of apples you receive gives you a massive enough boost to do it. Look at the price of the next apple upgrade and try to reset progress when you’ll receive enough to get it. If you’re really active and playing the game constantly, we recommend resetting your progress once per day.


That’s all for Idle Hell Clickers. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below! Being a hell tycoon isn’t easy… But taps and swipes will be easy to learn. This is the easiest economic strategy ever! Although the business is a little peculiar

Download Idle Evil Clicker Mod Apk

Idle Evil Clicker Mod Apk (Free Shopping)
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