Idle Capital Tycoon Money Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Idle Capital Tycoon Money Game – an economic game that offers the player to go on an amazing journey through different eras, where we have to build his business Empire. In different time periods the user will produce a variety of products and depending on the time in the role of his assistants will perform the appropriate characters. In any case, the main goal here is earning money and growing your business, and you need to thoroughly do. If it is too difficult to have money to upgrade items in the game. You can download the Mod version that will give you Unlimited Money to become a tycoon in Idle Capital Tycoon.

Summary about Idle Capital Tycoon

Name Idle Capital Tycoon
Publisher Airanet Connect
Genre Simulation
Size 88 MB
Get it on Android 4.1 and up
Mod feature Unlimited Money

Introduce about Idle Capital Tycoon

Idle Capital Tycoon Money Game Mod Apk

Idle Capital Tycoon Money Game Mod Apk

Travel through time and build your business empire in different ages! Start with a cup of lemon juice, and expand it again and again. Then open new businesses and sell more and more amazing products: cars, dimonds, oil, and so on. Hire managers to help you. They will manage your businesses even when you are offline. Enjoy life and watch the money flowing into your pocket. Be a tycoon in all ages. Traveling to ancient time, the dinosaurs are your assistants. Being a west cowboy, make money with adventure and excitement.

Guide play Idle Capital Tycoon

Buy upgrades for the speed boosts

Idle Capital Tycoon Money Game Mod Apk

Idle Capital Tycoon Money Game Mod Apk

When you expand a business enough times, its production speed will permanently increase. You can see how much the speed increases by checking the “Quest” section on the main menu. Business receive their first speed boost at level 25. The next boost comes at 50, then 100, and then another 100 for every boost after that, eventually capping out at level 1400! As a general rule of progression, you know you can safely move onto the next business when the previous business has received so many speed boosts that the progress bar is always full. This is a good stopping point and you can move onto investing in the next business.

Complete the Challenges

Challenges are progression-based achievements that unlock once you meet certain conditions. They usually ask you to expand a business to a specific level. You should try to do as many challenges as possible, as complete one will reward you with tycoon points and gold bars.

Gold bars are the premium currency of the game, so we do not need to explain how valuable those are, but tycoon points reward you over time. Tycoon Chests contain a random amount of boosts, money, and gold bars in them, and they open up once you have accumulated enough tycoon points. Keep completing challenges to open them up!

Buy Managers as soon as possible

Idle Capital Tycoon Money Game Mod Apk

Idle Capital Tycoon Money Game Mod Apk

As you learn in the tutorial, businesses must be manually started unless you have a manager running it. This is an idle game after all, so you do not want to be stuck waiting around to restart a business! Managers become available when the business has sold some of their product, so wait a bit until you see the red notification dot on the Menu button.

Once you have a couple of business upgraded and running, you will probably be earning lots of money now. The next thing you should prioritize are the upgrades, which can be found in the Menu. These upgrades will permanently triple the amount of money a specific business makes, and you can buy one for each business. They are expensive, but they significantly increase your net income so they are worth it in the long run.

Download Idle Capital Tycoon Mod Apk

Idle Capital Tycoon Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)
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