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Hungry Dragon Basic Information MOD APK

Surely many readers of this article used to play through Big Fish swallowing Little Fish (Feeding Frenzy) or Hungry Shark. Those are the games of the waste time category. You are waiting for someone, or do not know what to do when your sweethearts goes shopping, obviously these are good choices.

Publisher Ubisoft has been very successful in bringing mobile games on. Following those successes, they continue to bring the air version with Hungry Dragon MOD APK. Obviously, the experience above will bring about new interests and discoveries.

How to play Hungry Dragon MOD APK

The main character of Hungry Dragon MOD APK is a Dragon named Nibbler, very cute. However, Nibbler always feels hungry and can eat everything in sight. You can eat anything, as long as they are in sight. Even, Nibbler can eat other dragons of the same type.

Hungry Dragon MOD APK

In this fun game, you have to help Nibbler to eat as much as possible. The green LIFE bar in the right corner shows the vitality of this Dragon. Once not fully eaten, Nibbler will deplete the vitality. When the green vase runs out, he will die. Eating larger creatures will gain more energy.

However, not only are predators, Nibbler will also encounter endless dangers. Those are bigger monsters than me. You need to cleverly control Nibbler to avoid these monsters. If they eat them, or they are eaten, they will lose blood, even they will die immediately.

In addition, in Hungry Dragon MOD APK, Nibbler also has extremely impressive fire spray capabilities. When you help Nibber eat prey, it not only increases the blood but also the full air bar also helps this Dragon spray fire or accelerate very impressively.

Hungry Dragon MOD APK

Enjoy to Flying

Just like many other Endless series games, you can fly and eat all you want. The game only ends when you let the Dragon run out of blood, or be eaten by other animals … Eat a lot to get a very high score and build many records.

In addition, at each level, you also need to collect as much gold as possible. They are used to unlock different types of Dragon in this game. Of course, with the Game MOD APK version I will provide below, you do not need to worry about money.

With each stage, you can also travel through different lands, from the sky, the cave to the fairy village. Background is designed quite nice and eye-catching, creating excitement for players.

Hungry Dragon MOD APK

10 choices of Dragons

Hungry Dragon MOD APK allows you to choose 10 different Dragon types with different styles, colors and shapes. Your Dragons will also be wearing different suits (clothes) to make them stronger and more beautiful.

Naturally, with the ingenious games of players like Hungry Dragon MOD APK, the beautiful or beautiful Dragon is not so important as your skills. The intuitive control system of this game makes it easy to manipulate. Of course, you also need to get used to it first.

Excellent Graphics

As mentioned above, I am impressed with Hungry Dragon’s graphics system MOD APK. The surrounding landscape is painted real and lively. When you fly higher, you can feel more clouds. Everything in this game seems to be tinged with fairy tales.

Hungry Dragon MOD APK

In addition, the motion effects of the Dragons are also smooth and flexible. The Dragons in the game are both cute and fun, will definitely conquer you in the first play. What are you waiting for without installing this game right away.

There are many options for you when installing Hungry Dragon. Here I provide you with the standard version (from Google Play) and Game MOD version APK (Infinite money). The experience will be interesting, no matter which version you choose.

Free Download Standard version
Free Download Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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