How to win every game in Dota Auto Chess

In the framework of this article, I will point out the notes to be able to win every game in Dota Auto Chess. These are the things that the newcomers should pay close attention to. My notes are gleaned through both play and synthesis. Hope to be a good guide for you to play this extremely hot game. DotA Auto Chess Mobile is a strategy game, so every move is very important. You must be calm, in any case, even if you have dried up.

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4 Special notes for new Auto Chess players

The basics of Dota Auto Chess

I need to remind you now that Auto Chess MOD 0.2.0 versions are almost unusable. But even if it can be used, I should not play it because it will lose all interest. Dota Auto Chess is currently at the top of many Mobile Games.

Auto Chess is currently custome map with this name of DOTA 2. Each game will have 8 players, each starting with 100% HP. The last remaining HP on the table will be the winner. The first 3 people will be rewarded Candy – an Auto Chess Mobile currency.

Each player will have a separate chessboard with different pieces. The goal is to combine them and arrange teams to compete with another player. Each round (random arrangement), the winner is the one who left the chess pieces on the table. When you win, you gain HP and subtract your opponent.

You can earn Candy daily by reaching the top 3 of each match. Every day you get max 10 Candy or buy a black market. Currently Dota Auto Chess has rank system ranked according to chess chess: Pawn <Knight <Bishop <Rook <King <Queen. With each rank there are 9 levels from 1-9, except King and Queen have only 1 level.

Dota Auto Chess generals are divided into 13 races and 10 character classes. In which each character or race class has effects that affect the team. Alternating between rounds of competition, the player has the ability to receive items if they win in round battles. You need to select the appropriate item for each different champion.

Dota Auto Chess

How to win every game?

Make the most of chess pieces

With Dota Auto Chess, strategic planning is very important. Strategic planning is very right. There are at least 2.3 ways to use different combo combos and you need to move smoothly between tactics. Building a squad must be basic: tank – damage – support for every race or character class.

Use the Lock feature to keep the pieces you need. Do not splash money on sales, it is difficult to race late game later. Slow 1 turn but win the whole game, you need to know the opponent to get a reasonable force book.

Remember: the number of stars is not sure to win the level. 1 star Level 4 is still stronger than 2 stars level 3. In addition, don’t be too hungry for 3 stars in Dota Auto Chess. Try to have at least 2 3-star generals and the remaining generals at least 2 stars. It is better than roll indiscriminately.

From the 10th round onwards, pay attention to the opponent’s chess board. This is the time when you have “enough feathered wings” and cleverly strategically. Analyze your opponents for the most reasonable plan. Another note is to remove the generals from the table to buy more generals.

Dota Auto Chess

Use Gold cautiously

Calculating and managing Gold is very important. After each round, the amount of gold you receive will be calculated according to the formula: Gold receives the next round = Bonus gold every round (from 2 -> 5) + 10% of the current gold + 1 gold (if win the previous round) + gold win / lose streak (from 3 or more games counted as streak, you can receive 3 gold at most).

The number of 10% bonuses per initial round may not be large, but if you accumulate 20-30 gold, each round of gold received may reach level 10 but not less. Do not roll heroes at the beginning of the match. It is also not advisable to level up indiscriminately for chickens, just level 7-8.

Equipping items

Factors that make Dota Auto Chess become better are those that fall out when hitting monsters. Each item is only suitable for certain heroes. For example, tanker generals always need armor items, increase blood resistance. While the general re-allows mana to use the skill. The main damage needs to hit fast to hit the biggest damage.

So take advantage of the item and upgrade them appropriately. To know this, you must learn the properties of your champion.

Dota Auto Chess

Build a squad

The placement of each rank is relatively important. It helps you choose opponents that are easier to breathe and avoid their etiquette. Locations such as Assassin and Tanker must always be arranged on the head. It helps to block and destroy the main heroes of the enemy.

On the other hand, in order to avoid the damage caused by major heroes such as Luna, Sniper, and Lina due to the enemy Assassin, leave them at the corner of the map or accompany it with the protection of the Tankers like the Ax. Generals that are good at fighting Assassin like Anti-Mage.

A very special general in the current Dota Auto Chess is Tiny. Tiny capable of Toss – tosses an opponent to the end of the board and causes stun. It sounds terrible. But this is one of the best teamwork skills today.

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