High Heels Mod Apk 1.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

High Heels Mod Apk – casual arcade game with minimalistic graphics and simple and engaging gameplay. In it, the player controls the character on high heels and overcomes obstacles to finish. High Heels are games released and developed by Zynga.

Summary about High Heels

NameHigh Heels
Size67 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money

Information High Heels

High Heels Mod Apk

High Heels Mod Apk

The High Heels allow you to wear high heels during race. But the challenge doesn’t end there because there will be many obstacles blocking your way to the finish line! Think you have enough experience with heels?

Try your skills and become a professional runway model in this fun but fun action game. You will discover many uses of high heels that you have never seen before.

In order to overcome the obstacle, she will need to collect different items that will increase the height of the shoe heel. The large size of the platforms will allow passing the tallest objects. Additionally, shoe sizes provide additional rewards upon finishing.


High Heels Mod Apk

High Heels Mod Apk

As if wearing heels wasn’t difficult enough, Zynga created an obstacle course based on the premise that you wear high heels when you cross obstacles. High Heels is an obstacle course action game that allows you to use these tough shoes to overcome various obstacles.

There are many levels to conquer and each level offers different levels of challenge. Obstacles are walls and sometimes you may have to walk on a narrow crossbar to cross buildings. But you will also need to collect shoes scattered along the way to help prolong the race.

This is because you will end up encountering obstacles that you cannot walk around, so you will lose some shoes. Even so, this game is an endless fun allowing you to collect diamonds and different types of high heels. You need to play this game now and relieve your stress! Become the queen of heels and show them your skills in balancing, running and overcoming obstacles.

Guide play

Have you ever tried wearing high heels? If so, then you have to know that it is not as easy as any other shoe to wear. However, in the High Heels you will have to wear a lot of high heels during insane obstacle passes!

Many levels of play

High Heels Mod Apk

High Heels Mod Apk

In the High Heels you will experience various levels of challenges and always have to wear high heels. But you need to be careful because the path has many different obstacles. Sometimes there are wooden blocks on the way, while other times you may have to cross buildings on a stick.

The High Heels require you to use your balance skills and various evasion techniques to complete levels. Also on the track you have to collect different items along the way. That can be a key as well as a diamond.

Not to mention, you need to collect a lot of heels to get past the inescapable obstacles. In the end, the more heels you have at the finish line, the more rewards you’ll get.

Collect diamonds and high heels

In High Heels you will need to collect diamonds and high heels as well as keys. All of them are scattered in the map so you need to try your best to get them while avoiding various obstacles. The question is, can you pass the levels and get rewards?

In this game you have a chance to unlock different items like high heels, jewels and body. There are different bodies with different faces and skin tones. There are also unique high heels that you can use.

There was one rainbow, one golden, and even one with small wings. You can then also adorn your character with jewels like a crown, bracelets, and even wings!


This game has great graphics and animation that you will not get tired of looking at. Challenges are designed on top of buildings to give you even bigger challenges. Overall, you will completely enjoy the beautiful animations this game has to offer.

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High Heels Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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