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Hay Day Apk – the great farm simulator game for Android comes from the publisher Supercell. Hay Day is the world’s most popular farm game on mobile devices appearing in more than 122 countries. In Hay Day game you will become a large quiet and beautiful farm owner. Starting work from restoring order and abandoned buildings then developing into a great farm with plants, animals, …

Summary about Hay Day

NameHay Day
Size128 MB
RequestAndroid 4.0.3 and up

Information Hay Day Apk

Hay Day Apk

Hay Day Apk

Hay Day – a wonderful simulator of the farm for android from the company Supercell. According to the plot, the protagonist becomes the owner of the farm in a beautiful and quiet place away from dirty and noisy megacities. Initially, the user has to restore order and restore abandoned buildings, and then you can start to develop a full-fledged agricultural business. Hay Day is considered to be one of the best farms for smartphones and tablets. Colorful graphics and addictive gameplay can lure the user for a long time.

Simple gameplay

Hay Day Apk

Hay Day Apk

As a farm game, of course you will be transformed into a true farmer. The daily work of the farmer will be simulated, so you can make and make as much money as possible. Initially, you will be a small farm owner with a number of rudimentary houses, fields, barns. Get started with some of the available seeds that Hay Day offers you. Plant the seeds and wait until your plants are flowering. At that time, you can harvest and sell agricultural products in stock to make a lot of money, thereby being able to buy more expensive plants and supplies.

When harvesting crops on the farm, you will receive some experience points. When enough necessary experience you will be upgraded, thereby unlocking more items, plants, pets and many other extremely interesting features. There are countless varieties of plant seeds, and the animals you can freely choose will appear on your farm.

There is a special feature in Hay Day that is very interesting, which is the life cycle of a tree. Some plants are harvested 3 times later, it will wither. There is nothing you can do but leave a “Help” board and wait for your neighbors to come and help. If it is “saved,” your crop will be harvested three more times until it is completely withered and you must destroy it to plant new trees.

Funny pets

Hay Day Apk

Hay Day Apk

In addition to plants, Hay Day also has many different types of pets. There are many pets to take care of, these pets have a cute shape typical for farm games such as Cow, chicken, goat, pig, etc. In particular, Hay Day also has other types of pets such as Dogs, Cats, Horses, … bring you a tremendous amount of experience and extremely attractive items. To keep these pets, you need to buy a home for them and feed them regularly.

Trade and Traders

Hay Day Apk

Hay Day Apk

When you reach level 7, you will unlock the Roadise Shop. This will be a small stall to help you sell the items that you own. All players around the world who visit your farm can view and buy if they need it.

When your farm reaches level 17, you will own a harbor. Here, you can use your ship to ship items worldwide. To unlock the harbor you have to use up to 16000 coins and it takes more than a day to fix the harbor. After each train, you have to wait 4 hours for the train to return to bring you new shipments. If needed, use 5 diamonds to ship immediately. When unlocking the harbor you also get the extremely interesting function in Hay Day which is fishing. Here you will have a house by the lake, a table to help you make bait, a bait box, a fishing boat, a fishing old man and of course a large lake.

Beautiful graphics

Hay Day has a 3D farm simulator. The game has bright colors, eye-catching with shaping houses, trees and pets extremely cute, bringing a sense of light entertainment for players. Besides the soft and deep background music system, very suitable for Hay Day’s gameplay. If you like farm simulation games, Hay Day is sure to bring you a sense of satisfaction and comfort.

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Hay Day Apk v1.47.97
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