Guild of Heroes MOD APK v1.79.2 (No Skill Count-Down)

In the Mobile Game store, the action RPGs takes the role of gamers. In fact, there are many followers of this series worldwide. There are also many popular games in this category like Final Fantasy, Crashlands … Guild of Heroes MOD APK will also be one of such games.

Basic information about Guild of Heroes MOD APK

Guild of Heroes is considered BIT.GAMES’s best ever product. This is one of Russia’s leading mobile game developers and publishers. This game is highly appreciated by the community. As an immersive genre lover, you definitely can’t ignore this game.

The latest version of Guild of Heroes MOD APK is 1.79.2 with a capacity of nearly 90MB. In particular, I will also provide the Guild of Heroes hack (Game MOD APK) with No Skill Count-Down. Game support on Android with operating system from 4.1 and above!

Guild of Heroes MOD APK


Guild of Heroes MOD APK inspired by Harry Potter novels by writer J.K.Rowling. The uncompromising wars in the Witch’s World will reappear in this game. You will be immersed in a colorful world. The place is full of monsters, witches, flying brooms, magic chopsticks and even super soldiers.

The Dark Lord is returning and taking revenge. He and the monsters want to attack the human world and become hegemony. You stand before the World rescue mission. You and other warriors will have to do that. But remember, things are never easy!


Guild of Heroes MOD APK has a role-playing action game. The game consists of 4 main character classes you can choose before you play. These are: Witches, Archers, Warriors and Assassins. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, skills and ways to upgrade their own equipment.

However, this game has something very interesting. That is the character can flexibly change properties. For example, if you choose Witch, want to switch to Warrior. You do not need to change the character but just choose the outfit again. Although not as strong as a true Warrior, but you lose the time to play again from the beginning.

Guild of Heroes MOD APK

The Game Mode

Guild of Heroes MOD APK has two main modes: PvE and PvP like most other RPGs.

PvE mode

The game’s mission system will take you on a tour of the entire world. You will be fighting in mysterious caves, vast deserts to forests of thousands of years. It will be interesting experiences of Guild of Heroes MOD APK.

You will get many rewarding rewards when destroying Boss. If you are playing a task, you can Save it for later. That helps you not have to spend too much time on the game. It also helps players feel more comfortable to experience the game.

PvP mode

In PvP mode, you can challenge other players. This is really an interesting creation of every RPG game. Playing PvE can be boring with repetitive tasks. Conversely, fighting with real people will not have any match like any match. Don’t be discouraged if you lose in the first matches.

Guild of Heroes MOD APK

Simple operation

The control mechanism of this game is not too complicated. Just a short time, you can familiarize yourself with and master the operations. Combining the character’s skills appropriately will create very powerful combos, causing tons of damage. Your task is to learn about the character and the general strategy.

The higher the level, the more powerful and effective skills you will learn. However, many players feel the power between the player and the Boss is still quite different. A lethal blow of Boss up to 70k dame. While your blood is just … 53k HP. But be assured, you have armor, resistance …

Beautiful Graphics

For me, the graphics of Guild of Heroes MOD APK are very beautiful. 3D background of this game is not inferior to any current MOBA game. The character effects are very good, no minus points. The background in the game is also very realistic. Each crack on the rocks, the sword slashed through the detailed simulated trees. It is no different from the real world. In general, not many games have such beautiful graphics.

Guild of Heroes MOD APK


With me, Guild of Heroes MOD APK is one of the most attractive RPG games. If you like this genre too, I think you should try it. Dare to fish that you will also like it. You can download the standard version with Android, iOS or even the MOD version below. MOD function is No Skill Count-Down!

Free Download Standard version for Android
Free Download for iOS
Free Download Game MOD APK (No Skill Count-Down)

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