Great Conqueror: Rome MOD APK 1.4.4 (Unlimited Money)

EasyTech is the publisher of many famous and quality strategy games. Among them, can mention the European War series. Recently, this publisher has just released Great Conqueror: Rome. It seems that immediately, this game has attracted tactical gamers. This is a medieval depiction game in Europe with the main context of the Roman Empire. In addition to playing games, you will absorb a lot of historical knowledge.

Basic information about Great Conqueror: Rome

Game name Great Conqueror: Rome MOD APK
Publisher EasyTech
Category Strategy game
Size 90MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Android advise 4.4 and up

Historical details

I will briefly talk about the Roman period, if you do not know. Rome was a mighty empire of Europe. Historically, it existed before BC, until the 15th century AD. You must know the great Emperor Cesar who laid the foundations for Rome.

The Romans with Rome as the main capital almost throughout. They have created a great civilization in Europe. In the most developed stages, this empire has an area of ​​nearly 6 million km2. Later, when the Eastern Romans were defeated by the Ottomans in 1435, Rome officially disintegrated.

Great Conqueror: Rome MOD APK

Background of the game Great Conqueror: Rome

Join Great Conqueror MOD, you will live with the Roman periods. From the first century BC, when this empire had nothing, while its neighbors were very strong. Your mission is to help Rome become a powerful Empire, conquer Europe.

In the game, you will also meet prominent Roman generals such as Cesar the Great, Pompey, Antony, Octavian or Spartacus … You will be the developer and commander of the Roman army. You will gather the aforementioned generals and help Rome rule Europe.

Grown your own empire

Of course, history is organized, and there is nothing you can do. Your mission in the Great Conqueror APK is to build yourself a mighty empire that dominates Europe. You play as a commander of the Roman Army, like an emperor. This is a good strategy game for those who love military art.

Be the great strategist. Protect your empire from the invasion of neighboring states. At the same time, actively go to conquer other States to strengthen his empire. In each battle, you just need to arrange. The rest, the game will take care of itself.

Great Conqueror: Rome MOD APK

The game mode

Great Conqueror hack has 3 game modes: Campaign, Conquest and Senate. You will be immersed in a period of extreme Roman history. Historical events will be faithfully reproduced. In campaign mode, hundreds of battles from the beginning of Rome will be recreated. Those are mostly real battles in history.

You will be the one directly involved and commanding major battles. Do you know the Spartacus uprising, the Battle of Gaul or the Cesar civil war … What’s more interesting when I become a witness of history. Moreover, it was one of Europe’s most glorious and extraordinary periods.

In Great Conqueror: Rome, with the Conquest mode, you will conquer all neighboring countries. Expanding your position and filling the map is what makes players excited. You also encounter many difficulties in this mode. Especially when the Eastern Roman Empire was also very strong and always made it difficult for you.

With adventure mode, you are free to participate in adventures across Europe. Naturally, when passing through the lands of other empires, you must fight and win.

Great Conqueror: Rome MOD APK


Great Conqueror: Rome is really interesting for those who like strategy games. Not only that, it is also attractive for those who like to explore history. This game has an impressive 3D graphics background that will not let you down. Moreover, as an offline game, you can freely play at any time. Wish you happy gaming.

Great Conqueror Rome MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
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