Grabby Grab Mod Apk 1.0.4 (Unlimited Money)

Grabby Grab Mod Apk is a fun arcade game where you use this sticky hand to pick up and throw anything and everything at your opponent. The graphics are designed very simply by Lion Studios. But the highlight of this game is in the fascinating and addictive gameplay.

Summary about Grabby Grab

NameGrabby Grab
PublisherLion Studios
Size50 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money

Information Grabby Grab

Grabby Grab Mod Apk

Grabby Grab Mod Apk

Fun games are a perfect way to overcome downtime. If you are a lover of simple games then you should add this game to your list. Grabby Grab is a game where you will have a sticky hand to connect with objects and people. Once done, you’ll throw them around and watch the chaos unfold before your eyes!

Grabby Grab is not an ordinary fighting game. It’s more amazing than that. You need to focus on your target, plus hit and pull your enemies down with your terrible claws. Feel the sweet taste of destruction as you find your way and destroy your enemies. This war is yours and try to win.


Grabby Grab Mod Apk

Grabby Grab Mod Apk

Basically, anything you see can be pegged. So every object is just another victim to your sticky hand. Just touch and hold the screen to prepare your hand. Then, when you’re ready to capture something, simply release your finger from the screen. With these easy controls, anyone of any age can play Grabby Grab, even with one hand!

You will know if you have successfully hit your target, when their color turns gray and they fall to the ground. There is not much to understand about the game. Once the room is cleaned, you will move on to the next area where the process repeats.

Grabby Grab’s capture and grab claws allow you to defeat your enemies from left and right, and ultimately eliminate the king. Embark on this insanely fun adventure with your stretchy arms. You can throw deadly weapons at your opponent. As you level up, you will encounter more rare obstacles and items.

Ragdoll physics

Grabby Grab Mod Apk

Grabby Grab Mod Apk

Ragdoll-like physics create some hilarious moments while watching characters fly around the screen. As a simple game, Grabby Grab doesn’t have much to it, so the little things are important as well. Especially with super simplified graphics.

Pasting on certain objects will create a snowball-like effect. Everything interacts with each other to create bustling animations and scenes. This is definitely the highlight of the game – to see things fly around and fall with your efforts.

How to play Grabby Grab

Grab and throw everything: extend your arm to reach the items to the end of the soccer field. And of course throw them at your enemies!

New weapon: do you think you can throw a big rock? How about a mace? Or a hook? Think! Play with as many weapons as you want.

Challenging levels: many obstacles are on your way so keep taking them down!

Defeat the king: in the end, the king lied, and we must defeat him. However, the path is not easy, so stay tuned!

Download Grabby Grab Mod Apk

Grabby Grab Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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