Frostborn Coop Survival APK MOD (Free Crafting)

Frostborn Coop Survival Mod Apk – an action adventure game that blends survival elements with beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay. This is a classic role-playing game with the main character is brave Vikings. They will be the one to explore a new land to build your base and grow into a Viking kingdom of your own.

Summary about Frostborn

NameFrostborn: Coop Survival
Size153 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up
Mod FeatureFree Crafting

Information Frostborn

Frostborn Coop Survival

Frostborn Coop Survival

Frostborn – adventure survival game with RPG elements. The project is Scandinavia and the user take control of a brave Viking, which will explore the territory and to protect the building from enemies. In the process of passing the player will be able to unite with friends and other members of the clan to confront other communities. Together, they will be able to repel the attacks of opponents and to defend their land from invasion. Besides, you can go find weapons, artifacts and useful items in the many locations.


Frostborn Coop Survival

Frostborn Coop Survival

Arrange your own base, harness the power of gods and fight the army of the dead with your friends. Bring back the former glory to the Viking lands by building a new capital from scratch, and go to uncharted shores for treasures and new battles and build your own Viking Kingdom. All of this and more awaits you in the new online survival RPG Frostborn!

Explore the vast world

Frostborn: Coop Survival takes place in the context that Viking has become familiar with this type of game mechanics. During the game, you visit the majestic forests and hills of Midgrad world with mythical creatures and dead. Picturesque green and green venues have become dull and bleak due to the recent events. However, its charm remains. In addition to the main map, you can visit other locations – broken wagons or tombs. They usually disappear after half an hour, so hurry up and collect your rewards. You can find dangerous monsters in these places.

The world plunged into darkness

In the wilds of Midgard, the dead roam in broad daylight.The water from the rivers burns your throat, Valkyries no longer take the fallen in battle to Valhalla and something sinister is hiding among the shadows of forests and gorges. The goddess Hel is responsible for all this. She cursed these lands with her black magic in just 15 days, and now she wants to enslave the kingdom of the living!

Death no longer exists

You are the immortal, valiant Jarl of the northern warriors who no longer face death. Healers and shamans shrug their shoulders and don’t understand why this is happening. But since the way to Valhalla is closed, there is only one thing left to do – arm yourself and send the creatures of darkness back to Helheim!

The war for survival

Frostborn Coop Survival

Frostborn Coop Survival Mod Apk

You are a brave Viking warrior. Waking up in a situation where the whole kingdom is being ravaged by zombies and legendary monsters, you need to find a way to fight and protect innocent people. But first, you need to keep your life.

The first enemy you face is hunger. No clothes, no weapons, friends and relatives. Look for what it takes to keep you alive. From food and water to items like knives and axes … Frostborn’s environment is harsh with low temperatures, so you need to make clothes from the trunks or the skin of animals. Watch your health meter and make sure your character is always in the best state. If your health stats are too low, you could die at any time.

A warrior indispensable with weapons and armor. You can craft powerful weapons to fight monsters and predators. After having your weapons, don’t forget to upgrade them when you have enough required materials. When using

Especially, when playing this game, you can do anything you want. The open world in the game has many mysteries waiting for you to discover.

How to play

Diverse character

Frostborn Coop Survival

Frostborn Coop Survival Mod Apk

Choose from over a dozen RPG-style classes that suit you best. Do you like heavy armor and face-to-face battles? Choose between Protector, Berserk or Thrasher! Prefer to keep your distance and shoot arrows at enemies from afar? Pathfinder, Sharpshooter or Hunter at your service! Or are you one of those who hide among the shadows and stab in the back? Try a Bandit, Robber or Assassin! And there is more!

Fight to win

Trade with other players or ambush and assassinate them in the wilds of Midgard. Make peace with another family and protect each other during the raid, or betray their trust and reveal their secrets to others in exchange for resources. The old order no longer exists, now these are wild lands where the strongest survive. Your main task is to build camps and level up, unlock more and more blueprints. More blueprints – more resources – more ammunition items.

Craft weapons

In Frostborn: Coop Survival, you find various machines and tools to create special items that can help you in battle and everyday life. Use the crafting system inherent in real MMORPGs to get everything you need to defeat the darkness created by the black magic of the goddess Hel. Strong walls and delicious food, magic potions and deadly traps, powerful weapons and legendary armor. And if that’s not enough – build your own drakkar to raid the overseas kingdoms!

Build your own city

Strong walls, spacious houses and artisan shops – and this is not all that needs to be rebuilt and improved to open the gates of your city to visitors. But be ready for a long journey – a good city cannot be built in 15 days. Coop with other Vikings and the inhabitants of your city to fight for a place in the sun in a world ruled by black magic.

Download Frostborn Coop Survival Mod Apk

Frostborn: Coop Survival MOD APK

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