Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK v1.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

Basic information about Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK

Although it has only been on the shelf (Google Play) for a few months, but until now, FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK has more than 5 million installments. Publisher Oh Bibi is hoping that FRAG Pro Shooter can continue the success of SUP Multiplayer Racing last year (with over 30 million installations).

Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK is a shooting game and a real action game. This game is a real-time, new and exciting game. It is quite similar to Overwatch and is therefore considered a version of this game on mobile. Frag Pro Shooter will definitely be a phenomenon for this year’s game season.

The fierce Arena

Matches in Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK include 10 players, divided equally into 2 teams. Your mission is to win against all opponents. Actually, at first, I was involved in WWE matches (performance wrestling).

This game is a combination of different genres such as shooting, MOBA, role-playing games and tactics as well. Although it is a shooting game, Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK supports many players in the control system. The auto-shot feature is included in the installation and you don’t need to be too worried.

Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK

For myself, the first time is always fumbling. You may be the same. But okay, some hands will get used to it. You can control it flexibly after just a few matches. I am sure you will be captivated by this game and will play until the end of your phone battery.

Like other action games, speed and reflexes are the core elements to win in Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK. Of course, the importance of tactics cannot be underestimated either. Like the old CS Strinke (Haft Life) legend, teamwork is paramount.

You need to try to occupy important positions and win big opponents’ goals. Organize big battles, ambush enemies. Or simply lure the opponent into the deadly traps that your team spreads.

The way to bring the most points to our team is to attack as the opponent’s barrier. Of course, you also need to avoid being retrained and hooked. Between attacks, or in the process, you should use the First Aid Box to heal.

Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK

The matches in Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK usually take place quite quickly and chaotic. Therefore, you need to quickly collect the highest score possible by killing as many opponents as possible. When you die, you can revive after a very short time and continue to participate in the battle.

This is a first-person shooter game, but the gameplay is quite similar to LoL. Besides, you need to build a Battle Deck to attack, defend or balance, depending on your playing style and your teammates.

Character system

Frag Pro Shooter MOD’s character system is up to 40 and still has a tendency to increase. In the next version, developers will definitely increase the number of characters. Each character has different strengths and roles. Therefore, each team needs unity as well as careful research with each member character.

Upgrade characters to get more strength and better skills. New skills will also be unlocked when upgrading. When you are really confident, join the fight against PvP with real time to show your talent. It is also a way to increase levels in this game and become a legendary gunman.

Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK

Good graphics

Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK is a game with very good graphics. That’s my humble way of speaking, and in fact, it’s great. The image is polished and the colorful effects create the perfect shot.

The environment and background in the game are also prominently designed. The 3D platform combined with many effects brings great visual experience. In addition, the motion of the game is also very smooth. Players can control easily. The sound of the game is also very good.

Just like Haft Life, you need to memorize different types of maps to find perfect dead corners or hiding spots. Do not forget to complete the tasks by day to receive attractive rewards.

Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK


Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK is definitely one of the most attractive online shooting games this year. After this review, I’m still waiting for you to download the game right away. You can choose the standard version (from Google Play) to experience your Game MOD or APK below with the Unlimited Money function.

Free Download standard version
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