Fat Pusher Mod Apk 1.22 (Unlimited Money)

Fat Pusher Mod Apk – exciting arcade game released by VooDoo, with simple graphics and engaging gameplay. In Fast Pusher, the player will have to control the main character in the game so that he can overcome the obstacles. At the same time in the race, you also have to earn as much gold as possible.

Summary about Fat Pusher

NameFat Pusher
Size56 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money

Information Fat Pusher

Fat Pusher Mod Apk

Fat Pusher Mod Apk

Running games are always cool ones and they are very popular in the Google Play Store. This is what you call simple yet fun game. VOODOO is known as one of the leading publishers of these types of mobile games.

And they’ve come up with something else that could explode your brain. That is the Fat Pusher game. Fat Pusher – a cool arcade game from the series of those games where you need to overcome the obstacle.

Although Fat Pusher is such a simple game, it’s packed with the features you’d expect. This can be a fun way to effectively pass the time. As a result, Fat Pusher has over a million people who have downloaded and played this game since it was released.

Gameplay Fat Pusher

Fat Pusher Mod Apk

Fat Pusher Mod Apk

In Fat Pusher, the player can control the amount of fat required to complete the run. On his way to the finish line, he needs to collect lots of food and coins to increase their size. The character’s weight and mass will help him deal with colored blocks, blocking his way.

Also at the end of each level, he will be able to increase the number of points earned by powerful jumps. You just need to run through the obstacles by getting fat. To become fat you need to pick up food scattered around the course.

Then, there are some obstacles in the way are the walls. Each wall has a corresponding number which determines how difficult it is to eject. Can you become the ultimate fat pusher? Find out in this game.

Fat Pusher’s outstanding advantage

If you are looking for a mobile game that will keep you optimistic when you’re down, give Fat Pusher a try. It will instantly make you laugh for a few minutes.

Funny game

Fat Pusher Mod Apk

Fat Pusher Mod Apk

We all enjoy entertainment while playing games on our mobile phones. If you want to spend your free time, you should play a simple game. Fat Pusher is one such game! In this game, you will not have to compete with anyone but yourself. You do not have to talk trash or any stress. It both allows you to have pure fun while making you laugh with fun animations and gameplay.

Many levels of play

Fat Pusher has many different levels of play so you will not feel bored while playing. Every run in Fat Pusher is short but rewarding. The more you play, the more high scores you can get.

Try to complete the level with your high score by earning more food, knocking down the walls and completing the race fast! Then, you should also try to be as fatter as possible to get a higher bonus. Also you can compete against your friends and see who can place the highest score!

Unlock more outfits

Fat Pusher is not just a racing game. It also has skills and outfits to unlock! Skills you can unlock will help you knock down the obstacles that block your way. You can unlock pretty much like punches, kicks and more.

There are also a lot of beautiful outfits that you can unlock in this game. There are tons of hats to choose from: a witch hat, an astronaut’s hat, a king’s crown and more.


If you’re looking for a great way to pass some time, Fat Pusher is one of the top choices. It’s simple, fast and fun for everyone regardless of age. While there’s nothing funny about being fat, the whole interaction was fun. Running along the barriers and trying to overcome will make anyone in real life sweat.

Download Fat Pusher Mod Apk

Fat Pusher Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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