Aging aging from FaceApp Application is extremely hot

FaceApp application helps you predict your images as you get older. This is currently a “storm” application on social networks.

Over the past few days, all over social networking sites, especially facebook, have a new trend. It is to post his wrinkled old face. Not only attracting young people but this movement is also supported by many famous people. Such as the famous Hollywood stars and famous football players …

These photos are created by a Russian photo editing application called FaceApp. FaceApp application launched from 2017 but not much attention. Suddenly, over the past few days FaceApp became an extreme fever.

FaceApp application

Mark Zukenberg… 30 years later

Application FaceApp uses a kind of artificial intelligence called neural networks to identify and edit photos. Besides “aging” the application can help you get younger, change smiles or maybe change your gender. Overall, it does it all.

However, many people believe that FaceApp application is not really safe. FaceApp does not edit images right on the device but requires users to upload photos to the cloud to store and edit. That raised concerns that this application may collect user information.

FaceApp application

Messi when Old man

Responding to this move from the community, FaceApp affirmed that the company did not do anything inferior and would secure all customer data. Anyway, many users up to this point are still following this trend.

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