Evil Nun Mod Apk 1.7.4 (Evil Nun Don’t Attacks You, No Ads)

Evil Nun Mod Apk is a horror game inspired by the character Valak in the movie universe The Conjuring. Once again, the demon dressed in the nun’s costume came back to bring the utmost fear, haunting every nightmare of the viewers has returned. In Evil Nun, you will transform into a boy who is being held captive by a crazy nun. Your task is to find a way to escape her school quickly before she does something crazy on you.

Summary about Evil Nun

NameEvil Nun
PublisherKeplerians Horror Games
Size92 MB
Get it onAndroid 4.1 and up
Mod featureEvil Nun Don’t Attacks You, No Advertisement

Introduce about Evil Nun

Evil Nun Mod Apk

Evil Nun Mod Apk

Say hello to mystery and survival in a school garded by a scary evil nun that can hear any noise . Evil nun seems to be a mix between a granny and…a ghost, a victim of a zombie plague or any other dead soul. Horror and death are after you, evil nun will kill you if she finds you and the adventure escape will have finished. Hide anywhere. Inside or out the school …farm or parking area can be good hiding places.

Bendy weapons are useful to complete puzzles, like a chewing gum gun or an explosive doll with which you will be able to make things explode. Dead nun wants to kill you , so solve puzzles , run away of death and save your soul.

Feeling alone? Not in that adventure escape and survival game. Apart from scary granny nun, there is also some neighbor… Laundry room hides a mystery: why are there children ? Are they alive or dead ? It’s clear that they couldn’t leave this scary school . But rescue them and become a hero is possible. How to rescue other children locked by granny ? Pay attention to secret puzzles that will appear in this horror game , hide and run, that’s the key for survival

Escape and solve puzzles

Evil Nun Mod Apk

Evil Nun Mod Apk

The devil has an extremely terrifying ability, she can hear every sound in the school. Even if it was just a key, a book that was dropped could catch her attention and she would go to the place where the sound was coming from. If she finds out you not in the room … Bump! A sledgehammer will be pounded directly on your head. Each time detected you will need to wait until the next day of the week to continue your escape plan. Under tables, file cabinets … are ideal places to hide from her. If caught up to the 7th time, you will be punished by the nun in the way of Satan.

When running away from this sick school, you will have to solve the puzzles given by Evil Nun to find more clues about escape and more. Puzzles can appear anywhere in the school. By searching and using props such as keys, holy water cups, etc., gradually, you can decipher difficult questions and discover mysteries underneath the school.

The laundry room is also a creepy secret

Locked up in this evil-smelling school, the first thing to do is to escape from here as quickly as possible. But wait, there seems to be something even worse underneath the laundry room. Is it a ghost graveyard, any other shady plot or a secret way out of this place? Before running away from this place, don’t forget to uncover all the mysteries in the game.


Evil Nun Mod Apk

Evil Nun Mod Apk

Evil Nun does not have a massive graphics platform and is not appreciated in this regard. However, the simple image mixed with horror and bloody is more than enough to make the player have to chill. The first view is full of realistic but creepy plus spooky sound, haunting players throughout the game will definitely be a great advantage of this game.

Download Evil Nun Mod Apk

Mod Info: evil nun don’t attacks you, no ads

Evil Nun Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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