War Robots MOD APK v[app_version] (Mod Level, Unlimited Ammo)


War Robots MOD APK is one of the most attractive robot-themed MOBA action games on Android by developer PIXONIC. In it, you will experience epic battles with robots and win. Download the MOD APK version (Unlimited Ammo) of War Robots, you can easily defeat the robots to win.

Summary about War Robots

Name War Robots
Publisher PIXONIC
Genre Action
Version [app_version]
Size 910 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Ammo

Information War Robots

war robots mod apk

war robots mod apk

War Robots MOD is the best shooting game about giant robot in your pocket. Take part in epic PvP battles with opponents around the world and show them who is the smartest, most agile and most resilient driver. Be prepared for enemy surprise attacks, sophisticated tactical operations, and other tricks.

Destroy, capture and upgrade. Become stronger and prove you’re the best robot commander in the online War Robots universe! War Robots was first released in 2014 by Pixonic. After 6 years of development, the game received many achievements that few games have. Currently, War Robots has more than 50 million people installed and optimized PvP features for players to have a better experience.

War Robots is an action shooting game with the main character is Robots. This game has a 3rd perspective, that is, the overall perspective. That makes it easier for gamers to get around.


The plot of the game revolves around the war between legions of Robots together. They are like humans, always with sinister intrigue. War Robots is the place where fierce battles between destructive robots take place. When a fight begins, the player is sent to the battlefield along with five other teammates.

You need to fight and destroy the enemy robots. Each win will give you bonuses and experience points to unlock more items, characters … Depending on the game mode, the target also gradually changes. It could be scoring, or fighting for survival until either side’s forces are completely defeated.

Unique robot system

war robots mod apk

war robots mod apk

Robots are a major part of War Robots. They are war machines, protecting you and defeating other evil enemies. There are two types of robots: conventional and epic. All players are aiming for the second type, because of their superior combat capabilities and special skill systems, which give them an advantage in the process of fighting.

Stalker and Loki are two examples. They are able to become invisible for a period of time, making enemies passable from the attack. Some other robots have the ability to increase damage or move faster. In addition, the robot can also be replaced with parts and upgraded. If your finances are good enough, you should do these things.

Game mode

war robots mod apk

war robots mod apk

The level system in War Robots APK is divided into 3 levels. With each level, you can gain different benefits. If you want to level up fast, you should play in PvP mode, facing real players. After you reach level 20, you can unlock Hangar purchases. These are the slots for the robots. It will give you more choices.

War Robots has a variety of game modes, including Quick Match, Domination, Beacon Rush, Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Arena and Skirmish. In particular, Arena and Skirmish are only open on weekends.

The game modes are divided into two categories: custom and default. For the default mode, players will play against the system’s AI. The map is selected at random, while the default player count is 6vs6.

As for the custom mode is different. You can team-up or compete with friends, while you can choose from a map and set a maximum number of players. However, they do not offer bonuses or any trophies.

Diverse weapons

war robots mod apk

war robots mod apk

Robots and weapons are two separate components. Although by default, the system has integrated weapons for the robot, but it is light type, and they do not carry high value on the battlefield.

The longer you play War Robots, the more challenges you will face. The opponent fights intelligently, while possessing a variety of deadly weapons. So you also need to refurbish your robot’s weapon if you don’t want to be a loser.

Currently, War Robots has three types of weapons, including light, medium and heavy. Of course, the capabilities of each are different. A lower tier weapon may be lighter, but the damage is less compared to a higher tier weapon. As for high-level weapons, they will have more attack power but will be heavier in exchange.

In addition, as your robot grows, he will unlock several locations to mount weapons. You can mount up to four positions, and this will make it possible for him to constantly attack enemies on the battlefield, instead of waiting to reload.

Graphics and sound

War Robots has a very nice 3D graphics background. Every detail of the Robots are meticulously designed and eye-catching. The care of the developers makes the world of Robot come alive and majestic. Background scenes such as snow desert, street… are also designed carefully and carefully.

In terms of sound, with carefully selected noises, the game makes the player feel like participating in real battles. You might be startled by gunshots, or bombs. Trust me, everything in this game will surprise you.

Download War Robots MOD APK

Mod Information:

  • Inactive bots
  • MOD works up to level 8
  • Mod ammo unlimited

War Robots v[app_version] Mod Apk for Android:

War Robots MOD APK (Mod Level, Inactive Bots)

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