Download Walk Master Mod Apk v1.49 (Unlimited Coins)


Walk Master Mod Apk is a fun and exciting arcade action game from the developer of Two Men and a Dog. In it, you have to use your skillful skills to overcome the obstacles with ease. Play as the lovely characters in Walk Master and enjoy moments of entertainment in this fun game.

Summary about Walk Master

NameWalk Master
PublisherTwo Men and a Dog
Size68 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduction about Walk Master

Walk Master Mod Apk
Walk Master Mod Apk

On the Google Play store, there are many free fun entertainment games for Android devices. Prominent among them is the game Walk Master with attractive and interesting gameplay. The reason I say this is because at the present time, Walk Master has received more than 10 million downloads on Google Play.

Since ancient times, walking on stilts has become a famous folk game in many countries, including Vietnam. And this folk game has been developed by the publisher Two Men and a Dog into a game for mobile phones.

Walk Master Mod is a game with quite funny and humorous content. In this game, there will be many cute and funny animals. For example, a mischievous pink pig, an adorable goat or maybe a scary alien.

Gameplay in Walk Master

Walk Master Mod Apk
Walk Master Mod Apk

In Walk Master, you will be able to control your pets to walk, literally the name of this game. However, it will not be an ordinary running anymore, but you have to overcome many obstacles, bumpy roads or fragile bamboo bridges.

When moving, watch your every move carefully on stilts, skateboards and more. This familiar process will in fact become quite difficult than you think, because you will also have to walk in difficult locations, both natural and man-made.

Talking about controls, Walk Master has a simple look and feel, but to pass each level, you will have to spend a lot of brain. Players will have to move on a long stick, so the balance is quite difficult and the obstacles will be a big obstacle that you will encounter on the track.

Various missions and tests will be waiting for you. To facilitate the development of the game, the developers have added control and character setting functions. Take a walk on the wild side! Traverse forests and farms with skill, precision and timing to become a Walking Master! Unlock unique challenging levels and crazy creatures!

Unique game modes

In Walk Master, Marathon and SpeedRun are the 2 main game modes that you can choose from. In Marathon mode, you will have to make the character run as far as possible to receive rewards and score points. In this mode, you can run infinitely because the road will be endless. However, the farther you go, the more obstacles will appear.

In SpeedRun mode, players will have to complete the race as quickly as possible. Of course, there will still be many obstacles appearing on the way and they can fall at any time. Walk Master has so many obstacles and challenges for you to experience, you never know what lies ahead.

Each level in Walk Master is designed with many different points to help players get the best experience. Each level will have new challenges waiting for you ahead, but this is only true until level 90. Because from level 91 onwards there will be repetition.

Meanwhile, the game has more than 500 levels. A rather large number will make players feel frustrated. In addition, when you play one or two levels, ads will begin to appear, so you can turn off the Internet connection for a better experience.

Move on stilts through obstacles

All you need to do in Walk Master Mod Apk is learn how to control it fluently. Using the controls proficiently will help you overcome obstacles easily and quickly. There are more than 20 types of characters for you to choose for each level and receive valuable rewards.

Each character has a different appearance and each has their own unique and humorous features. If you don’t want to choose a goat, you can play the role of a pink pig with a hat with a bamboo pinwheel of Doraemon, a zombie, an alien or a weasel.

The stilts are what makes this game more difficult for newbies. Basically, you have to slide your fingers horizontally to lift each stilt without tipping over. Go little by little carefully and don’t go too fast, otherwise you will not land evenly and will fall to the ground. The fun part is when you’re given tasks like avoiding piranhas and other creatures that get in your way.

Download Walk Master Mod Apk

Walk Master Mod Apk

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