Download Tiny Kingdom Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)


Are you a lover of strategy games with managing and controlling your armies to attack the enemy. Certainly you will not be able to ignore Tiny Kingdom. Tiny Kingdom is a fun strategy game with classic gameplay where you will raise an army and conquer enemy fortresses.

Summary about Tiny Kingdom

Name Tiny Kingdom
Publisher IEC Big Bear
Genre Action
Size 64 MB
Get it on Android 5.0 and up
Mod feature Unlimited Money

Information Tiny Kingdom Mod Apk

Tiny Kingdom Mod Apk

Tiny Kingdom Mod Apk

Tiny Kingdom Mod Apk – arcade strategy for Android with primitive gameplay in which a player will raise an army and go conquer the enemy fortress. When you enter the world of Tiny Kingdom, your mission is to try to create a vast and powerful army to cause violent attacks to the enemy’s castles and destroy all of them. You can also buy or upgrade your army and determine the right time and deploy troops on the battlefield to win. Raise up a massive army and storm enemy castles. Buy and upgrade your soldiers then deploy them at the right time on the battlefield to claim victory.

Build your army

Tiny Kingdom Mod Apk

Tiny Kingdom Mod Apk

Many exciting things are waiting for you to discover in this game; the most necessary thing you do in this game is to try to build a strong army. But where do you make your troops? It would help if you touched the store button to start buying soldiers for your castle. This shop provides a lot of items necessary for you to build a strong army such as soldiers, heavy weapons, or animals such as fire-breathing dragons.

All of these items make it easy for you to win, of course, besides using a reasonable strategy. You can use the money the game initially gave you to buy troops or try to win the necessary rounds to get this money. When you decide to buy a specific type of army, you need to identify your tactics and your enemy’s attributes besides considering the characteristics of your army. Careful consideration of all factors will help you be more advantageous in setting up tactics and defeating your enemies in just a few short attacks.

Fight simply

After setting up your army and starting your battle, click the Fight button to begin fighting your enemies on the battlefield. Before pressing the Fight button, you should think carefully about your tactics and army so that you do not regret your effervescence. It doesn’t have too many buttons to act outside of the Fight button so that it won’t trouble you.

When participating in a battle with your enemies, you must find ways to defeat as many soldiers as possible. Besides, it would help if you also found ways to destroy their castle. To deploy all types of soldiers, you need to touch the soldier’s icon to implement them on the battlefield. It would help if you were careful with the time when using these types of soldiers and especially the kinds of soldiers you send. Because these types of soldiers can only maintain a period, you need to pay attention to this if you want to have a perfect match.

Many levels

Tiny Kingdom Mod Apk

Tiny Kingdom Mod Apk

If you want to challenge more with the levels in this game, it will be ready to give you more than one level of play. Each level corresponds to a castle at the same time are soldiers with different fighting properties. You will have to think more and use many types of soldiers or other weapons to defeat the soldiers as well as the substantial castle. The more you use your troops and tactics smartly, the more levels you can win, and the castle breaks down even the most solidly structured castles.

In addition to easily breaking these castles, you need to unlock or upgrade many units or even attributes of your soldiers to win. The more money you earn in the match, the more you prove your strength as well as the ability to conquer all levels of play!

Download Tiny Kingdom (Mod Apk, Unlimited Money)

Tiny Kingdom (Mod Apk, Unlimited Money)

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Citizen Nh6750-51eb
Citizen Nh6750-51eb
2 years ago

Super Cute game

Attitude boy nitin thakur
Attitude boy nitin thakur
1 year ago

Build me army

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