The Big Hit MOD APK 2.3.0 (Unlimited Money)


The Big Hit Mod Apk is a fun arcade game with simple gameplay where players will develop their arm muscles to go on a successful adventure. The game has a simple and easy to play gameplay, you just need to swipe your finger to collect dumbbells and develop your arm muscles. The Big Hit is a game developed by Lion Studios.

Summary about The Big Hit

Name The Big Hit 
Publisher Lion Studios
Genre Arcade
Graphics 2D
Size 85 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Money

Introduce about The Big Hit

The Big Hit Mod Apk

The Big Hit Mod Apk

Fighting and racing games are two of the most popular game genres today. These are great types of play because they are easy to play and fun. If you are looking for a fun game then you can play The Big Hit today! This is a game that combines both of the above for you to enjoy the most entertaining moments. This game allows you to race in a race full of obstacles and things to collect and fight.

The Big Hit Lion Studios is a minimalistic arcade game with simple controls. The player will control a small man running short distances and eventually try to take down a huge opponent with boxing gloves. To increase your chances of winning, the player needs to collect dumbbells and pump the muscles of their arms.

Along the way, you need to cross spiked dumbbells, as well as collect more gems. In the end, if you win, you can increase your bounty many times. The received money can be used to increase a character’s strength, speed, and protection level.

Race, strengthen muscles and fight

The Big Hit Mod Apk

The Big Hit Mod Apk

In The Big Hit, you just need to run through roads, obstacles and collect various dumbbells to make your arms stronger and bigger! At the end of each challenge there will be a boss waiting for you. It was a giant and had incredible fighting power.

You must collect as many dumbbells as possible to collect more rewards at the end. Unlock a variety of bosses and levels today and enjoy all the fun in this fun game. The important thing in the game is that you only need to focus on the mission of running faster than your opponent and overcoming obstacles. There are obstacles like bricks, rotating objects or maybe enemies that you need to face.

There are also dumbbells of different colors that you can collect. They will give you an amazingly large arm strength! The stronger you are, the easier it is to defeat the big boss at the end waiting for you. The Big Hit Apk has lots of levels for you to complete today and enjoy your entertainment.

Features in game

The Big Hit Mod is a fun game that helps you have fun and relax after hard working days. With this game, you will enjoy the non-stop action but not too violent. Although it is a racing and fighting game, you will not have to race with anyone other than yourself.

Certainly the obstacles in the game will make you feel excited. With The Big Hit, you can easily develop your muscles to become stronger than in real life. If in the real world we could try to build our muscles by going to the gym and working out.

Then in this game, you can easily become strong by simply collecting dumbbells scattered on the rails. Here, there are a lot of dumbbells lying around and they will help you get stronger. But be careful to only collect the right ones!

Download The Big Hit Mod Apk

The Big Hit Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Video Gameplay The Big Hit Mod Apk

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