Download Tacticool Mod Apk v1.38.0 (Unlimited Gold/Silver)


Tacticool Mod Apk – fascinating third-person action game for adventure enthusiasts. This is a shooting game developed by publisher Panzerdog. In this game, you will be involved in clashes, defeat all opponents and have the opportunity to control the most modern tanks.

Summary about Tacticool

Name Tacticool
Publisher Panzerdog
Genre Action
Version 1.38.0
Size 83 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up

Introduce about Tacticool

Tacticool Mod Apk

Tacticool Mod Apk

Tacticool is an exciting shooting action game where you will be able to use your knowledge of different combat tactics. Tacticool has a fairly basic gameplay based on the fighting ability of all party members. This is an entertaining game and there are many characters and weapons waiting for you.

In the game, you are assigned your role before each battle and you have to complete the assigned tasks. The game offers an impressive map size with a wide range of combat tactics. Although the graphics do not impress you, the gameplay will definitely attract you.

Like most games of the same genre, Tacticool is more entertaining. Tacticool has no storyline at all, which can be a bad sign for someone, as the entire game goes to the destruction of the opposing team. Our team also offers you other games of the shooting genre

Many weapons

Tacticool Mod Apk

Tacticool Mod Apk

Every battle in Tacticool is dramatic and fierce. You will have 4 minutes to earn as many frags as you can. To destroy the opponent, you need to own a strong weapon in the arsenal. There are more than 50 different types of weapons including: pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and special weapons.

There are also grenades, mines, smoke bombs and C4. However, in each match, you are only offered a limited amount of money. So consider what weapons and bombs to buy to match that amount.

Play different operator classes, buy and upgrade more than 50 weapons and knives, fight zombies. Discover hundreds of unique tactics on dramatic maps. Remember: unexpected action, speed and courage are the main principles to win. When the mission calls for names, play in teams and shoot as you please!

Unlock character’s skills

Tacticool Mod Apk

Tacticool Mod Apk

Before each battle, you need to choose the characters to fight. Each character has their own special fighting abilities and skills. Also the rarity of the character depends on the strength of that character. You have access to three separate sets where you can place your chosen hero’s model, equipment, primary and secondary weapons.

Through the rounds, if you win together, depending on the victory of each person in the match, you will receive corresponding points, from which you will get upgrades to increase strength, HP, weapons. The stronger you are, the more energetic you will be and the more victories you will achieve, so are you and your teammates.


Tacticool Mod Apk

Tacticool Mod Apk

To meet the speed requirements, Tacticool provides many means for players to coordinate their combat tactics. To surprise, pick up a truck, travel extremely fast to the enemy base and take down their prey. Your ability to attack and retreat will also be much more secure if the vehicle is equipped with a gun.

The cars are not for display for fun, but they are also a heavy weapon that the enemy needs to be very wary of: the car can move at extremely fast speeds, can run over the enemy. It is a useful opening tool for an offensive campaign, as well as stopping the enemy from pursuing if we fail and have to flee.

Grab a car, pick up your friends and defeat your enemies in this intense 5v5 mobile marksmanship with real-time mechanics, destructive environments, and fast-paced matches.

Features in the game

In Tacticool, you can interact with the surrounding environment such as hiding behind walls, shooting through cracks, wooden crates. All elements of the environment obey the laws of physics. Therefore, you can use shotguns or throw grenades to destroy obstacles if necessary.

A bullet, a shrapnel from an explosion, or a moving car can also injure you. So be careful to dodge quickly and accurately.

Physics is one of the main features of this game, because Android game developers often don’t pay attention to such an aspect. However, thanks to physics, you constantly have to memorize different options for events in Tacticool. Don’t forget that every little thing and accident can completely change the course of a battle.

Download Tacticool Mod Apk

Tacticool Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Silver)

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