Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod Apk v1.0.10 (Unlimited Money)


Do you want to enjoy moments of fun entertainment while playing action games? Join this game right away to have a relaxing and comfortable time. Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod Apk is a unique survival puzzle action game that is actually very fun.

Summary about Survivor In Rainbow Monster

NameSurvivor In Rainbow Monster
PublisherGreat Arcade Games
Size58 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money, No Ads
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduce about Survivor In Rainbow Monster

Survivor In Rainbow Monster Apk
Survivor In Rainbow Monster Apk

Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod Apk – is a fun action game from the publisher Great Arcade Games. In it, the player plays the role of a child who is going on a picnic to Spooky park with his school. Suddenly, he is suddenly kidnapped to a spooky park by a mysterious person.

From now on, players will start their battle for survival in the creepy spooky park. In addition to the player, there are also a number of other players, they are also kidnapped here just like you. All together survive five nights in an empty park and fight different monsters.

Although it was only released on October 12, 2022, it has received great love from the community so far. Not long after its release, Survivor In Rainbow Monster has become very popular in the mobile gaming world, with millions of downloads and lots of gamers playing it.

Download Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK latest version and join the fun. Players can download the Survivor In Rainbow Monster Hack version to their phones quickly and for free. There are hardly any restrictions and the game contains only a slight amount of fantasy violence.

Unique survival gameplay

Survivor In Rainbow Monster Hack
Survivor In Rainbow Monster Hack

Survivor in Rainbow Monster MOD has a simple, attractive and accessible gameplay even for those who are just starting to play this game. The game has intuitive gameplay with controls that will be displayed on the screen and on a virtual joystick. It is used for navigation and other actions.

Playtime is over and in order to survive, you must spend the next five nights in an unfamiliar area with a few other people captured here as well. With each passing night, the player will have to go through a new challenge to escape the pursuit of the Rainbow Monster.

As he searches for you, Blue Monster roams the map and jokes the whole time. If he’s not hiding somewhere secret, chances are he’ll find you. For him to find, you’ll probably be stuck here forever. So players need to hide in a safe place such as a wooden box, a locker.

The green monster is always on the lookout, it has no eyes but has extremely sharp ears. So the best strategy to win is to make as little noise as possible. Don’t try to juggle too much. If you don’t feed the orange monsters often, don’t expect them to come out to play.

Overcoming many challenges every night

Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod
Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod

At the beginning of the game, the player will be taken to a completely foreign and completely devoid of human life. This spooky amusement park only has the appearance of ferocious monsters, you and some others are also captured here. The only task for you is to survive five nights in this place.

To escape this grotesque park, you will have to both survive and complete the assigned tasks. That means having to do both the task and successfully evade the colorful monsters around. To see what tasks you are assigned each night.

The first night, you have to find all the specified blocks. The second night you will have to be the one to feed the monsters, find food and throw it to them. The third night you have to finish repairing the machine in preparation for power generation. Wednesday night you have to light up the whole park. Thursday night is called occult night and there is still no information about it.

Each level has a unique puzzle and you will find that it starts out easy but as you progress, level up each puzzle becomes harder and more complex. Each level will take you to a whole new complex area that you run through and different nasty obstacles will give you a more challenging gaming experience.

Types of monsters in Survivor in Rainbow Monster

Blue Rainbow Monster: Blue Monster is the scariest monster in rainbow games. He roams the map looking for you, manifested by stomping and giggling. He will chase you without being hidden inside a cupboard or box.

Blue Rainbow Monsters: Blue Beasts are always on patrol, however, they are also blind, so avoiding this monster is just to make as little noise as possible. Make sure not to make any moves.

Orange Rainbow Monster: You need to regularly feed the Orange Monster to prevent them from going out to play. Luckily, an orange line appears to show where Orange Monsters will walk while patrolling, so you can quickly hide if you see them coming.

Purple Rainbow Monster: To avoid the Purple Monster, you just have to be sure and watch the vents. If you can’t see your eyes or hands sticking out, you can safely walk.

Character upgrade

Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod Apk
Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod Apk

In the game, you will face off against different monsters, each with their own unique strengths and abilities, making them harder opponents to defeat. The monsters in this game are all distinguished by color and they all have a scary appearance. So to defeat them, you have to upgrade your own strength.

After overcoming the challenges that the game offers, players will receive certain bonuses according to each level. Players can use this money to buy items or upgrade their characters and unlock more new powers. That will make it easier for you to win.

One thing that players can take advantage of in our version of Survivor in Rainbow Monster MOD is the Unlimited Money feature. This is very useful for players as they can conveniently buy all the items and upgrades from the store and make their character stronger.

Pay attention to the sound in the game, you don’t want to get caught up in your playtime. Lots to avoid Rainbow Guy by listening for footsteps and other sounds that indicate they are nearby! Wearing headphones while playing rainbow game is the best way to escape.

Download Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod Apk

Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod Apk

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