Super Mario Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Basic information about Super Mario Run 

Super Mario Run MOD APK is one of the Super Mario game titles. The number one Japanese game company, Nintendo has been popular with Super Mario character from the 90s of the last century. Perhaps none of you in the 8x generation don’t know this number one game. Perhaps no one has never saved the Princess in this game.

After the success of the main game Super Mario, Nintendo also continued to succeed in this type of game. Typical of them can be mentioned Super Mario Adventure, Super Mario Jump … And Super Mario Run MOD APK is a number of such games.

Super Mario Run MOD APK – One-hand Game

Super Mario Run is an Endless Run game, that is running without pause. Did you hear this familiar? Of course, you have encountered many android games like this Subway Surfers, Temple Run or Talking Tom Run Gold … At this time, Super Mario Run MOD APK has more than 200 million installed on all platforms. I’m sure that, if you do not know this game, you will love it at the first download.

Super Mario Run MOD APK is a 2D game, so it is a little different from the above games. Instead of straight view, Super Mario Run MOD APK has a direct view from the outside. Players only need to touch the screen to perform jumps. And just need the jump to conquer the game screen. Some other skills include continuous jumping (continuous touch), or high jump (touch hold).

Super Mario Run MOD APK

Basically, Super Mario Run is a one-handed game. It is suitable for you who have a habit of using one-hand phones. However, do not think that you can easily conquer this Japanese nationality game.

Diverse game modes

Super Mario Run MOD APK has many game modes to choose from. You can play World Tour, Remix 10, Toad Rally or Kingdom Builder. Each mode has different challenges and attractions and I recommend that you experience it all to see why this game is so appealing.

World Tour

During the World Tour, you will have to rescue Princess Peach who is being held in the evil prison. You will have to overcome many challenges to save her. Those are ghost houses, dark caves or dead fields …

During the rescue process, you will collect coins (3 different colors). Amount of coins to calculate rankings for you and other players in the World. Also, ending World Tour, you will also unlock 9 other items.

Super Mario Run MOD APK

Remix 10

In this mode of Super Mario Run, you will be playing the shortest tables of this game. You will in turn conquer 10 tables of this mode with constant changes being made. At the end of this mode, you will save Daisy, who was imprisoned by the evil army.

Toad Rally

In this mode, you can challenge friends or other players around the world. Your mission is to collect as much money as possible to win against the opponent. The reward of this mode is that you will receive items to equip in the following mode (Kingdom Builder).

Kingdom Builder

Collect lots of money and items from the previous mode to build your own Kingdom. In this mode, you can freely build your Kingdom, with the help of the Toad Rally collected in Toal Rally mode. In addition, the game also offers over 100 different types of items and jobs. However, they are almost unavailable in the standard version and you need to collect gold or complete quests to unlock them.

Kingdom Builder mode is the highlight of Super Mario Run compared to games of the same genre. It is the best attraction to help this game get more than 200 million settings as stated.

Super Mario Run MOD APK


Add a game related to very successful Super Mario from Nintendo. I am sure that you will be excited to participate in the World Super Mario Run MOD APK. A series of quests and challenges are waiting for you to decipher. This is also a popular game received by the community. It is a time-killing game. I would also like to introduce modded apk games for android for you to choose.

Download Super Mario Run Mod Apk

Super Mario Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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