Download Stone Miner Mod Apk v2.6.2 (Unlimited Money)


Stone Miner Mod Apk – an attractive and idle resource mining simulation game from the developer ZPLAY Games. If you want to enjoy a quarry game download it now. Where you will mine stone with your truck and enjoy a lot of fun in this game.

Summary about Stone Miner

NameStone Miner
PublisherZplay Games
Size120 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Stone Miner

Stone Miner Mod Apk
Stone Miner Mod Apk

The idle simulation game genre is one of the favorite topics of many gamers. Idle simulation games often have quite simple gameplay but are very interesting and unique. There are many fun simulation games available to play right now.

The simulation games all offer a unique theme such as driving, mechanics, airplanes and many more. With Stone Miner Mod Apk you can enjoy quarrying and earn money from it.

Welcome to the world of Stone Mine. Where to smash rocks with your truck, mine resources, sell them at the base and upgrade your truck to get even more!

There are different types of islands that you can explore, the further you go, the more rare ores you get. Try to upgrade your truck to become stronger and exploit more resources.


Stone Miner Mod Apk
Stone Miner Mod Apk

In Stone Miner Mod Apk, your job is miner. Where you will have to mine as much stone as possible. As a miner, you will have your own truck to use. There will be many levels and many different islands for you to exploit.

You will mine stone using your truck then sell stone to earn money. Enjoy the joy of work listening to the grinding of flat stones. Use your truck as you go around the island and mine rocks of different colors.

The more resources you mine, the more money you have. Then use that money to spend more on upgrading your truck! For example, upgrade speed, size, engine, … Have fun and enjoy the fun today.

Enjoy the fun of mining

Stone Miner Mod Apk
Stone Miner Mod Apk

There are tons of great games to play right now and you can play as many as you want. But if you are someone who doesn’t want the same old games, then you can entertain yourself with simulation games. Because these are the games that are gaining popularity these days and they are fun to play.

Stone Miner is an interesting game published and developed by ZPLAY Games. In it, players will have the opportunity to experience the work of a miner. As a miner you will have your truck here for you to operate and many levels to complete.

You can mine different types of stones here and sell them for money. You can then reinvest that money to upgrade your truck as you upgrade your blender, truck, and railcar. There are a lot of interesting structures to build here.

Features in Stone Miner

This is a game that allows you to enjoy a lot of things that you can do today. Here, you will go through countless levels to be able to mine stones with different textures, colors and prices.

Feel free to enjoy multiple levels now and earn as you are doing. Then you might want to upgrade different parts of your truck so you can pick up more rocks and you can mine faster.

If you are a business person, then you will enjoy playing this game. You will learn what it takes to run a successful mining business here, as you can sell the stones you have mined here.

There are multiple levels of play today, allowing you to mine different types of stones. You can sell different stones to earn foreign income and enjoy mining in different places.

In this game you will need to upgrade your truck continuously to be able to carry more stones and mine faster. There are many things to upgrade here, such as grinders, trucks and rail cars.

Download Stone Miner Mod Apk

Stone Miner Mod Apk

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